Interview with Zeraphine 04.08.2011r.


2000 The year of great change. Dreadful Shadows is solved and on this place Zeraphine is formed. How such a huge change, affected you, as a musician ?
Zeraphine: Well, I guess a lot 😉 I mean, for me it’s been a kind of seemless… I started writing new songs right after DS broke up. It was something like a relief in creativity. And then, working together with 3 other musicians gives new influences and makes it all really different. But in a very positive way.

The band did not immediately bore it’s present name. Originally called the Helix, but you were forced to change name to Zeraphine. Why?
My publisher told me that there’s a band called Helix from Canada, they were formed in 1974, so we had to chose a different name.

To finish talking about band’s name – who came up with this original idea to draw inspiration from the Jewish Scriptures?
It was my idea. I wanted the bandname to have a meaning, to be a male AND femal surname and it should have a special writing… So ‚Zeraphine’ was simply perfect 😉

Both the lyrical and the music itself is very emotional, often it is very sad. Is this a conscious choice, or maybe a normal evolution of style ?
No, I think this is just because I can’t write happy songs… I usually don’t feel like writing songs about joy and happiness 😉 But there are way more emotions in the songs but sadness. There’s aggression, anger, resignation, helplessness… basically negative things 😉

From „Kalte Sonne” to „Whiteout” – eight years interspersed with beads of your creativity. For your listeners it was extremely intersting journey through a land of beautiful music. If you had to identify those moments, which – do you think – are the most valuable and worth recommending ?
I think we’re in a continuous progress, which is really good. Well, of course the release of the first album, the first concert, the first big festival… the support tour with HIM in 2004, supporting The Cure in Berlin 2005, the album „Still”, released on our own record label. For me the band history only consists of great and magic moments…

Fans surely ask themselves questions – „When are you gonna release the follower of „Whiteout” and what they can expect from new album ?”
Well, I still don’t know. We haven’t started working on a new album yet. I think we’ll first have to make some kind of business decisions and then we’ll go on 😉 Anyway, I was busy with Solar Fake and I still am, actually. Whe this period is over I can write new songs for Zeraphine.

Zeraphine is the five men, each of them is a distinct personality. Each of you brings to the band a personal element. Do you sometimes feel that the individual characteristics of yours „sink” in it’s entirety?
Yes, maybe. But this is usually happening in a band 😉 The other musicians are not my employees, we’re 5 musicians with the same influence, even if I write most of the songs… everybody is working on them and brings his character into the songs.

You’re guest on many project, fans can hear you for example on Leandra’s or Katanga’s album. Tell us, is those projects influence on your inspirations during working with Solar Fake or Zeraphine ? And will we be able to hear you in any new project ?
No, usually I’m not very influenced by these projects. But when I like the song I really love doing this. With Imatem (Peter Spilles project) it’s been a little different, because for this I had to write lyrics and the vocal line, so there’s much more of myself inside the track. Well, I’m not sure, I don’t have any open requests right now, except some very vague by Destroid, I already sang one track for them and we thought about doing this again.

There are many groups on facebook about you, where fans write about your private life for example: about your car, where you live, your relationships ect. What do you think about this discussions about your life ? I heard, that you protect your privacy.
I don’t really care too much for these things, most of it is wrong anyway, born in peoples fantasy. But that’s very good, because I really like to keep my privacy and the more rumours there are the safer is my life 😉

I heard from your friends, that you also don’t want to play gigs with Dreadful Shadows, why? I thought, that you like it. Why did you decide for it? And if it’s true, will fans be able to count on any farewell gig ?
In this matter rumours are not that helpful ;-). Well, since 2006 I’m pretty sure I never said that. Because I really like playing DS gigs. It’s fun and people really love it. Well, this year we played at Amphi festival and we’ll play another show in November in Marienberg, together with „Endless”, good friends of us in the 90s.

And I know also, that you like dogs, especially those dangerous and that you can talk about it for a long time, tell us why you’re interested in dogs ?
Well, I like big dogs, they don’t have to be dangerous 😉 I have a dog myself, from a spanish animal shelter. I like dogs because they’re so true and they always act like they feel. They show sympathy or antipathy, you can always rely on them… I like animals more than humans anyway… humans are just there to destroy everything… how can one like this?

What could you advice young people, who are draming about creating music ?
Well, I think they should be tough and patient. And they shouldn’t take it all too serious. You can’t force success, it’s happening or not… That’s what they should always have in mind… And only write the music that comes from the heart, everything else will not work 😉

At the end: do you know anything about Poland and polish music ?
Well of course, I mean, both countries, Poland and Germany, have a very difficult history… but aside of that I’m a big fan of ski jumping and so I’m also a fan of Adam 🙂 A pity he ended up his career. Anyway, now it’s time for Kamil & Co 🙂 Unforunately I only know a few polish bands, like Controlled collapse, Hetane and Monolight, but I like them 🙂



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