Xandria (ang)

Interview with Xandria 24.02.2012r.

Welcome. 24th Februar will be released Your new album „Neverworld’s End”. Can You tell us, something about this album ? Will be it a concept album ?

Nils: It’s not an actual concept album in terms of classics like Pink Floyd’s „The Wall” or Queenryche’s „Operation: Mindcrime”, but there’s a lyrical motif, a thread running through most of the songs.

How was the process of creating a new album ? Who wrote lyrics and who wrote music ?

Nils: After all the problems we had to face during the past few years, it felt kind of unreal to really start working on a new CD again. It was really strange starting to actually record the final versions of the songs – songs we had been working on for quite some time – Marco had come up with the first fragments of one or two songs as early as February 2008. This time he wrote all the music except one track composed mainly by Philip („Cursed”), and was also responsible for most of the lyrics.

14th Februar You released a first single „Valentine”, so I need ask You, do You celebrate Valentine’s Day ?

Nils:No, not at all – I think it is not too common here in Germany, though some people may do …

Can You tell us, something about video for „Valentine” ? Who was the director of this video and where it was shot this video ?

Nils: The video was produced by a company called AVA. They also did our “Eversleeping” video back in 2004 and have been working with many great artists like, among others, Within Temptation. „Valentine” was filmed in Oranienburg near Berlin in an old and empty sanitarium. It was a scary scenery and as we filmed it in December, the place was freaking cold. But it was fun, all in all, the crew was great and we really enjoyed acting in front of the camera. Besides, there were times when we could not even be sure we would be doing something like that again …

Manuela: How do You feel being singer famous band ? Don’t You afraid of compares to previous singer ?

Manuela: I feel great and it´s amazing to be part of such a good band and such wonderful friends and musicians. I am not afraid of comparisons. It is normal that people compare, I do the same, it´s just human and everybody has its own opinion. Some people will love me more and some less. But if there is only one loving my voice and the music we do than it is worth to make music 🙂 

We know, You have many fans in our country. Do You know some polish music/bands or polish words ?

Marco: Of course, „jestem głodny” – it was the title of a fun death metal song some friends of me did years ago, and I couldn´t forget this expression (it might be helpful someday when we are playing in your country ;-)) ! I of course know Vader, and especially Behemoth is such a great band, I´m glad that Nergal is getting better again! But I know there are even more great bands from your country, especially on the extreme rail. A very living and always promising underground also! 

Do You plan gigs in Poland in the near future ?

Marco: We will try to play in Poland, cause we never did before, and so many bands tell us how great you people are! This is something we really hope for!!

At the end: I will ask You for a few words to the Polish fans ?

Nils:Thanks for all your support – hope we will be finally playing in Poland this year!!!


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