Kärtsy (ang.)

 Interview with Kärtsy 02.02.2010r.



When you will release your new album?
This year, maybe in spring already..

What can we expect from your new album? What king of song we will be able to find there?
Ha ha, don´t expect anything:). Anyway, It´ll be full of catchy rock/pop songs, in a style of Kärtsy:).. it´s about the world through Kärtsy´s eyes. The stories about what I personally see around..hey I think it´s a high class album, and the ones who have already heard it have fortunately totally agreed:)

Any other guests on album?
Two female ones..i promised not to announce them yet:):)

Will be another singles, promoting new album?
Yes there will..

Ale you planningany music video to song „Running Away” ?
Tomorrow, in fact, I´m going to discuss with our record label about this matter..there is a plan already, maybe we`ll do it. The response in the audience has already been promising enough for that. And, if we will do it, it´ll turn out great! The same guy, who did a marvellous latest masterpiece forest video of waltari (and got even awarded from that in Finland as a video of the year!) was very keen on to do it.

Why did you invite Jussi from Uniklubi to song „Running Away”?
I always have found exciting about the idea of making duets. I´ve always liked co-operations..and more different the guys are more exciting.

How you can describe your cooperation with Jussi ?
Very relaxed and cool. We didn´t know each other so well before, so we went to have some beer after the studio, and discuss a lot about our experiences being a singer in a band, and compared our own experiences to each other. He seemed to know pretty much about my older stuff, which was a kind of surprise:). You know, singers have always many things in common, not depending on the style they are doing. A role in the band being a singer is more or less always pretty similar…

You invited to collaborate on a song to promote the album Jussi Selo. Can I expect any similar work, with performances guests, or maybe just a once song on this album?
I will never count that possibility out..

When I heard Running Away I feel there some depressing note. Is it just my subjective feelings, or whether the effect was supposed to be this song?
Yeah, it´s a kind of shouting for help. A basic mood is pretty helpless in that song yes.It´s moody minor key song.

Are you planning to distribute the CD in Europe, if yes, where?
Yes I will. We have some negotiations going on with that field, so it´s a bit too early to say. And in fact this plan will then tell the final relasing date for the CD.

Why did you start your solo career?
It´s been years already in my mind! Already in the beginning of this millenium i tried it briefly, with two singles. Then there were many, too many years between with me not time to think about it enough..but always it was in my backbone to do it. And now..FINALLY:)…

Are you planning gigs abroad Finland any european tour?
For sure. There was already few ones in January, and the next ones will happen in May! Go to see www.kartsy.com, and there is every gig announced.


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