Wywiad z Archaon’em z zespołu 1349.

1. Your new album „Massive Cauldron Of Chaos” will be released September 29. Say something about this cd. Why on the album is only eight tracks and who was composer and songwriter on this album?
ARCHAON: Our new album is by far the most varied album we’ve created as of yet. It spans across everything from lightning-fast, furious sections to more epic and even groovy parts- to the extent that I’m tempted to say you haven’t heard all of before on any of our albums. I’ve mainly composed the music, apart from one song that Frost is the architect behind. We’re all very proud of the result.

2. First singiel from „MCoC” is „Slaves”, why you have chosen this song to promote new album?
“Slaves” was the song that we all felt represented the album in its entirety, so it also cameas a natural response to front the album with the mentioned song. It has a bit of everything in it and its not too long- but serves as a good first impression for MCoC.



3. To the song „Slaves”, you don’t have music video, but you did lyric video, where do you get this idea?
The idea of making a lyric video came from the label- if it is up to us, we’d rather make aproper video. With that being said: One doesn’t exclude the other, so… Wait and see.


4. On the Internet is the picture of some mine, where your shoot a new music video.
Could you tell something about this? When we’ll be able to watch this one and will be it the music video to new song or maybe to „Slaves”?
It is correct that we travelled approximately two miles into a mountain in Norway to undertake some work there. I do not wish to spoil any surprises as of yet, so I’m afraid you’ll have to bathe in some patience a little longer. 

5. 1349 was played in Poland only one time, when your Polish fans will be to able see you in our country? Maybe in 2015?
We’d love to come back to Poland! This is something that we’ll be looking into shortly as we’re planning the future touring nowadays. In 2006 we played a festival in Katowicè namedMetal Mania, but I think that festival is dead by now, unfortunately. It would be cool to play it again.


6. On 1349 facebook’s profile, you put pics with the production of beer. So, it’s mean, that 1349 band will be have your own beer? Please, say something more about this.
This is a project that started in 2010, when Head of Surly brewing company was at our concert in Minneapolis, where he came over to congratulate Frost & myself with the show.

We started talking and now, after discussions in the band, tasting samples and getting Norwegian brewery Lervig on board, the recipè is ready and will be released this autumn.
We’re looking forward to this immensely! It is going to be some amazing beverages, that carries the 1349 spirit in yet another form.

7. Cover on your album was made by Johannes Hoie. How did your co-operation with him?
Ravn had come across his art, I’m not sure how. But he presented the suggestion to the rest of us and as we got to see the works of his, the choice was easy to land. I find it to be an interesting, macabre and somewhat continuous collage of hidden gems.


8. In your songs is a lot references to religion and politics, so what do you think about the present geopolitical and religious situation in Europe?I’m not entirely sure where you found political contents in 1349 lyrics… As we’re pretty much as far away from a politically orientated band (in art-context that is) as it is possible. I struggle to see the link between our art and such down-to-earth subjects in 1349. Our personal views as individuals are not to be fronted through the band’s aspect, it’s just how we choose to keep the band on a different level that maintains relevant for us, regardless of everyday society and its mundane movements.With regards to religion, it should be no secret and come as no surprise to anyone that we’re very much an anti-religious band, if anything. In this context, we are of course aware of the situation you’re referring to- but this aspect does not belong in 1349.


9. Do you think, the tour gigs to countries in whom there is fierce and tense situation is taking care of all your fans or superfluous, fake – heroism (look on Behemoth in Russia, Ukraine and Israel)?In the end, this is about where one can present one’s art in a defendable and secure environment. I believe there’s very little political agenda with regards to this, when bands decide to perform in countries under such pressure as the ones you mentioned. Besides that, I think it is a great thing- that an extension of not only playing secular countries can find place.

Black metal hasn’t been a “safe game” in all earlier instances either- look back to Gorgoroth in Poland some years ago now- it’s a matter of liberation for those that dare oppose to the establishments based on religious views.

10. The last great with oldschool of black metal leave or already left the stage (although increasingly more often Emperor come back to the stage). Don’t you think, that Norwegian stage fades lately?
No, I do not think that Black metal as a genre is gone. There is still activity and hopefully some bands with their own take on things will contribute to developing the genre. The fact, that some of the veterans still have a solid position, Black Metal as a genre seems to expand over boarders nowadays… Which I consider to be an interesting phenomenon.