Ville Vainio (Severnica)

At the beginning, tell us about Severnica band. How the band was formed Severnica?
Well, the story began in 2010 when our vocalist Maarit and keyboardist Teemu decided to form a band together. They put an ad into a Finnish website searching for other members which I answered. When I went to audition for the drummer’s seat, they had already added Lauri as the guitarist to the band. We we’re still short of a second guitarist and a bassist which my friends Tuomo and Timo later on filled. This was also the lineup we recorded the EP with though Lauri left the band after the recordings.

I think the beginning for us was similar to many bands who are starting out. We had an awful little room where we practised and played mainly covers. We shared the room with other bands we didn’t know and there was also a shared drum set which was almost unplayable. Many times I found out that the drum heads had been bashed broken and of course the cymbals were torn to shreds. There was also no heating so you can imagine that it got quite chilly in the winter! Luckily we have a really good place to practice now.

Where did the name for the band? Who came up with the name Severnica and what does it mean?
We actually changed the name of the band slightly before the EP was released because there was another band with the same name and the same genre as ours! So we we’re throwing out new name suggestions with the band and I came up with the idea of Polaris or North Star because I liked how it symbolises a guiding beacon of light in the darkness. We however didn’t feel like the English word or Finnish word for North Star was suitable for a band name so we chose the Slovenian word Severnica, which sounded really good to all of us.

A few days ago, you have released EP – „Long Lost Longing”, tell us something about this EP.
Long Lost Longing is our debut EP and contains four tracks which have all been composed by Teemu. The songs represent the early work of Teemu and are heavily driven by piano and organs. Then there’s of course a lot of distorted guitars in the songs which are prominent especially in the opening track Mirror And Me. I think that my and Timo’s playing bring a progressive feel to the songs even though the compositions aren’t especially progressive. Maarit’s unique voice is of course a big part of the sound of the songs and dare I say, the icing on the cake! There’s also some growl vocals by Tuomo on the track My Journey, something that will be present in our future songs as well.

I guess it’s also worth mentioning that the EP was done from start to finish, from recording to mastering with the band which hopefully brings an organic feel to the whole album.

Do you have any other projects, bands besides Severnica? 
I did have several projects alongside Severnica for a while but currently I’m focusing only on Severnica.

Are you planning to shoot a music video promoting „Long Lost Longing”?
A music video was never planned along with Long Lost Longing. But it’s definitely something that would be really cool to do in the future. So perhaps we’ll try to do one alongside with our next release!

Which musicians or bands, would like to work or play tour gigs?
Anyone, really! I think that bands are sometimes too worried about doing gigs with bands that don’t fit the exact same genre that they play. I think that as long as the bands are bringing people to the venue, then it’s all cool! I also feel that bands sometimes get too competitive when instead I think that everyone would benefit if we all would co-operate and collaborate a little more.

Of course there are the gigs of our wildest dreams opening up for one of our idols like Nightwish or Epica. But I really would like to work with anyone who would be interest in working with us!

Do you think about to write your lyrics in Finnish language? 
In the beginning of Severnica there was some talk with the band on whether we should write our lyrics entirely in Finnish or in English. Even though we chose English over Finnish, I guess we might do a song in Finnish also at some point.

This interview is for Polish website, so I want ask you: do you know maybe some Polish words or bands? 
I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know any Polish. But if we ever get to gigging in Poland maybe you could teach us?

I should also educate myself more regarding Polish bands because I know that a lot of great metal comes from Poland. But there’s one long time favourite of mine (and Timo’s I believe) which is Riverside! Especially the album Rapid Eye Movement is my favourite but also the older albums are just awesome!

The last word belongs to you, so do you want to say something to your Polish fans? 
I believe we have gained quite an excellent Polish following largely thanks to you good people at BloodArt! On the behalf of Severnica I would like to thank every single one of our fans. We’ve been totally overwhelmed by the positive feedback that we’ve gotten since the release of our EP. It’s amazing to think that people have connected with our music and have taken the time to follow us on Facebook or Twitter, say nice things about our music, share it with their friends and even bought the EP. Thank you all and thank you BloodArt for giving us this wonderful opportunity!