Tuomas Seppälä (Amberian Dawn)

Congratulations on a great music video for the song „Kokko-Eagle of Fire” Tell me, who chose the song for a single?
Tuomas: Thanks. We all AD-members had mutual understanding about the single song and there were only a little bit discussion between “Kokko”, “Valkyries” and “Circus Black”. Kokko was still the favourite one for all of us and it was easy to start working with that song for a music video.

In this year you released Re-Evolution album, where is eleven tracks in the new version with the new vocalist – Capri. Who chose the songs on the new album? What influenced by the selection of those songs?
I chose all the tracks which were included on Re-Evolution album. I wanted to pick the songs, that were most suitable for her (style, key etc.). At that time Capri didn’t want to use her classical or lyrical voice so much and that’s why those songs are more rock-orientated. Recently Capri has changed her mind and she wants to use her classical/lyrical voice more in the future.

How going work with the new vocalist? Could you say to us something about her?
Capri is an awesome singer and also amazing as a person. It’s really easy and fun to work with her. She’s also very hard working girl. We have had for example recording sessions with her which lasted almost 8 hours and with no breaks! Her sound just gets better and better on those singing session and that’s really rare I think. Most of singers cannot sing more than maybe 3-4 hours per day.

Do you think about new album yet? Or maybe you are working on this?
A new album is already on my (and our) mind(s). I’ve composed ten new songs and Capri has started to write lyrics. Everything is going very smoothly with our pre-production so far. We haven’t made any official announcements about this new album yet. I think we have some news about this album very soon 😉

When some time ago, I did an interview with you, and I asked: „If there a chance, that the next Amberian Dawn album will be in Finnish?”, you answers something like this:”Heidi write lyrics for band and you don’t know, if the chance on this. ” Now, when you change vocalist, may be is a chance to Amberian Dawn in Finnish?: Most certainly we’re not going to record a whole album which has all lyrics written in finnish. But there’s always a chance that some songs are going to be written in Finnish. Now it’s up to Capri, since she’s going to write all our lyrics in the future.

Do you have any other projects or bands besides Amberian Dawn?
I don’t have any other main bands but I also play keyboards in Finnish hard-rock band “Conquest”. I don’t write any music for that band though. I’m doing so much work with AD that I don’t really have time and energy to play in other bands.

What about touring? There is a chance see you in Poland?
We like to tour and play shows in all kind of places. Poland is a very nice country too and I’m hoping that we’re able to do some gigs there in the future.. We’ve had some shows there earlier, when we toured with Epica in 2008 & 2009. We’re of course also open for Polish festivals, if we are invited.

At the end do you want say something to your Polish fans?
Thank you for supporting AD. I would love to visit your beautiful country again as soon as possible 🙂