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Interview with The Salvation 26.04.2010r.

The Salvation

What was beginnings of The Salvation? How did you guys met?
We became friends with Christus in 2003 and we’ve joked since then that someday we should form a band together. We also recorded Klamydia’s „Junkie’s Love” cover together to Klamydia’s compilation album 2003, so it was also the first time when we already recorded something together. With Anzi I’ve been playing old punk covers with Thunderbombs and Evil Boys since 2005 and talked also about forming a band someday but the timing has never been right for the real band. Well couple of years ago we were performing with the Evil Boys in Levi and Christus joined with us to sing the Alice Cooper „Lost In America”. And again we started to talking to form a band but that was it, we didn’t have the time. Then in December 2009 Christus was visiting in Helsinki and mentioned to me that he might be moving permanently in Helsinki. So then I came up with the idea that what about now, should we try something together? I had some songs that didn’t fit to Private Line but I wanted to do those with someone, the idea started to grow, so I called to Anzi and asked would he be interested and then everything started to work by it’s own. Anzi had decided to have a break with Stereo Junks! but Sohei and Mr.Kunt was interest keep on playing and to join us so The Salvation was born.

The Salvation is pretty new band, but all of you all are well known from different bands. What we can expect from your music? Will it be something like combination of your others bands or something different?
Everyone in the band has their own influences and unique style to play including the history in the other bands. So everybody gives their own personal touch in the songs and that makes the sound of The Salvation.

Why do you chose „The Salvation” as band-name?
Well we wanted to have a name that has a meaning by it’s own as well as it would descripe our band somehow and of course would be a kick ass name that everyone could relate. All the guys had hundreds of different band names to choose and I have to tell you, choosing a good name wasn’t that easy after all. After couple of months wondering what the hell the name would be, Anzi was going through these names I had written to my scratch book and there it was: The Salvation! It just felt right when we started to thinking about it, this band is salvation for Rock’n’Roll and for us! So there it was, The Salvation was born in March 2010!

How you can describe your co-operation, atmosphere in the band?
Atmosphere in the band is awesome and co-operation with everyone is easy and working very good, it doesn’t matter if you’re from Kobe, Japan or Helsinki or Tampere or wherever, rock’n’roll is universal language for The Salvation.

You want to record and release new album during 2010. What is recordings like? Did you already create any song?
We have written new songs whole spring and at this point we have 10-15 songs already written for the first album. But I think we’re gonna write at least 10 more songs before we?ll go to record the album. Of course we have made demo-versions of the songs but there?s no sense to publish any unfinished material yet. The inspiration in the band is great cause all four of us are writing material for the band (me, Anzi, Christus and Sohei) and Mr.Kunt is creating his parts with drums. So we have new stuff coming all the time and there’s already hundreds of riffs and songs waiting to be finished!

Will be on new album songs just in english or be there some in finnish?
Only in english.

Are you nervous before first The Salvation gig?
I’m always a little bit nervous before the shows, but when you know that you are well prepared for the show there’s nothing to worry about. But of course the first time is always the first time. The Salvation is gonna lose its virginity April 23rd in Vimma – Turku (Fin) and soon after that second time 21st of May in Semifinal – Helsinki (Fin), so of course it’ll give us an extra adrenalin kick to play the new songs for the audince first time!

Do you plan to play at some Summer-Festivals?
Actually there’s been already interest from the festivals abroad Finland but nothing decided yet. We’re gonna do couple of small club shows during this spring before going to the studio and start touring in the fall when the first single and album is released. You’ll find updated news about The Salvation from our myspace:

Can we expect to see you at gigs also abroad Finland?
Of course. That’s our main goal!

How about cover songs? Are you planning to perform only your own songs or maybe only cover?
Main thing is our own music but of course we’re gonna play some cover songs every now and then. It’s refreshing to play some of our own favoturites sometimes.

Who you wanted to become at the age of seven?
A cowboy, I had the whole costume back then, big stetson, leather boots, gunstraps, leather pants etc. I had those all on when I was 7-years old in schools halloween party. That was fun! So my costume play started very early.

But now you all are well known rockers. What do you like most about being musician and playing in band?
Well for me the most important thing is to create and play new music with creative and talentent people and have fun with it! You know, you can be known from the things you’ve done in the past, but if you won’t get nothing new to done the old fame won’t last forever. You gotta keep movin’ and The Salvation is definitely moving right now! It just feels good!

Jack, why did you decide to be guitarists? What was your inspiration?
I’ve always been interested about guitars, guitarists and the things you can do with guitars. My first touch with the guitar was old 7-string acoustic guitar that my father had brought from the Soviet Union in the 70?s. And I destroyed it when I was something like 4-years old. After that I started to build fake wood guitars and played those as aair guitar listening my favourite bands like Hanoi Rocks, Smack, Dingo, Guns’n’Roses, Metallica, AC/DC, Queen, Iron Maiden, Whitesnake, Sex Pistols, KISS, Nirvana etc. Before I got my first electric guitar when I was 13-years old I loaned my older sisters acoustic Yamaha as I promised not to destroy it. With that I also composed my first songs…and so the story goes…

Who are your idols? For yourself and the band?
Well my family and friends are my #1 idols. I don’t usually idolize artists or bands but anyway. There’s too many guitar players and bands to mention over here but to mention a few I have to say: Slash & Izzy Stradlin, Andy McCoy, Manchuria, Agnus & Malcolm Young, Brian May, Adrian Smith, Randy Rhoads, James Hetfield and Kurt Cobain. Those are the guitar players that inspired me in the first place to start playing guitar. Of course I should mention thousands of others that I found out later like Keith Richards etc. but it would take forever. Bands that influenced me when I was young already mentioned in the earlier question. Our band has a quite similiar music taste, but of course everyone has their own favourites.

Are you afraid of something? What is your worst nightmare?
Well at this moment I’m pissed off about Finnish government who wants to built 2 nuclear plants in Finland in they greed of money. These stupid people wants to make Finland as a nuclear wasteland for the next generations, really smart move, NOT. It’s weird how some people can be so far from the reality that the money is more important than the clean Finnish nature. So well, maybe I’m a little bit of afraid of corruption and what it can cause in the hands of these people who have too much power in Finland. We have to respect the nature you know.

Without what you can’t imagine your life?
Family, music, good friends, sauna, ruisleipä, summer cottage & nature, my mother’s made graavilohi=raw salmon, Tabasco & Gibson Les Paul.

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