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Interview with The Foreshadowing 04.03.2012r.

Photo by A. Paliotti

Recently You’ve finished work on Your third album „Second World”. On Your profil on youtube fans can read, this album will to be crucial, does mean You’re going to step future and do You leave doom/gothic metal for death/black metal? How is with it?

Francesco Sosto: Well, why our choices should be focused only on death/black metal when there are some other interesting kinds of music to be inspired of ? Anyway we think this album is crucial for the evolution for our sound for a lot of reasons it has got the obscurity and complexity of Oionos and the melancholy and simplicity of Days of Nothing. But this time we decided to extend our borders into other genres, you might say you find past, present and future of The Foreshadowing in this album.

The album „Oionos” got very good ratings from critics and from fans too. „Oionos” is on very high standard, so when were You recording next album, did You feel any pressure in connection with it?

Francesco Sosto: I have to admit we had some pressure because during the making of the first two albums in both cases we were unlabelled, therefore we didn’t have to do with deadlines or time scheduling of any sort. This time it was different because we had to deal with everything under our label Cyclone Empire Records, and it was surely important to meet the deadlines. Anyway there was nothing to stop with taking care of the album the best we could, Of course there were moments of mental stress during the recordings, but it’s normal, expecially when it comes to record a third album, I think it comes greater responsability than in the previous album, and it’s always gonna be like this later on.

How looks Your work in the studio? From the video, which You put on the youtube, I suppose, the work over the new album was in hilarious atmosphere.

Francesco Sosto: The atmosphere is always hilarious between us because we are all good friends and are all in good terms. I think this is good because in my honest opinion a good band is working only if there are some talented elements in it and if there’s a mutual extimate with each other. And this is what just happens into our band. The same goes to the other friends who helped us during the album making of, like Giuseppe Orlando, as you could see in the video report.

Your new album probably to be released in spring. When can we expect first single promoting of „Second World”?

Alessandro Pace: I still can’t be able to answer to this question. Actually the only official preview of the new album will be a track (Ground Zero) featured in the next issue of Close-Up Magazine (Sweden). At present we’re already completed mixing and mastering of the album at the Unisound Studios of Dan Swano, and completing artwork details with Travis Smith. I invite all readers to check some more news coming soon to our facebook page

Are You planning a shoot music video, which show a little your music?

Alessandro Pace: We would like to do it (would be our first official vidéoclip then), but it dépends by many factors. Actually vidéo productions are quite expensive too, so we have to manage with the budget available and check if it will be possible.

What we can expect in Your third album ? Could You tell something about it ?

Francesco Sosto: We already said this album is much more metal than ever ! there is a massive presence of powerful guitar riffs throughout the album. But Second World is not only a metal album, I think there some more element which are not metal in the strict sense. We inserted some new solutions as acoustic guitar parts, for example, which we never used before. And like in Oionos we improved the way of using Gregorian Chants. To do so we turned to an orchestra and choir director and the final result has been successful. I also like underlining the use of sampling, that’s been more particular this time, we used them basically in order to give continuity to the album, in fact there are no gaps, no pauses between a track and another, we wanted to give the idea of a continuum throughout the album. That’s one of the reason why I cound define Second World as a visionary album, it’s like a journey in the great unknown.
As for the rest, it’s the production of Dan Swanö that makes the difference once again.

Your lyrics are most about human being, however side, which they describe it for a lot of people is taboo. Loneliness and fight with other humans in this same time for the names of absurd ideologies, celebration characters, which deserve condemnation, suffering and silent hope, that everything will be change. Why do You take this idea for such theme of Your lyrics? Do You use Your private experiences for create Your lyrics ?

Francesco Sosto : All of this topics report to a main theme which gave birth to this band : the apocalypse and the end of the world. I think every single detail of The Foreshadowing has been affected by this concept. But the idea of using Apocalypse as our primal inspiration comes from our private experiences as well. I believe my generation is marked, defeated, and we are all part of this defeat, expecially if we consider the hard times that people of my age is forced to suffer during this time, so maybe it’s time to change things one way or another, maybe there are wrong people that lead us to a wrong world. From these reflections come all of our lyrics.

Young people is all the time attack by capitalism of nowadays world and global culture, which promote „Carpe diem” style life, with help of Your music, do You have a design to pass on any concrete values or would You induce to deep reflection on individual being ?

Francesco Sosto: The concept of a Second World is intended to be as a sort of revolution. But when we talk about revolution it doesn’t mean that we must go to the squares, destroy everything and trigger a fight against the government. Our revolution must be starting from the inside, it must be a spiritual revolution. We just need our life to be purificated from what the man created so far : a mechanised and de-humanized society, made up of industry, highways, skyscrapers, junk food, railways, traffic and so on. We got to take our time again and search for a new world, because another world is always possible, but a change of mentality is requested.

The Foreshadowing it is five mens, each one of You is individual person. Everyone give to band personal element. Sometimes do You feel, that Yours individual characters begin combine in unity?

Francesco Sosto : I would like to make an important point about it : The Foreshadowing are six elements now, we have a new bass player, Francesco Giulianelli, and we’re proud to have him in our band ! Having said that, I think it’s pretty normal, that each one of us give his own contribution to the band and combines with the others in unity, that’s the essence of whatever band in the world. And I can state it in particular for this album, where most of the work has been done in the rehearsal room, and each one of us has been able to play his part the best.

Marco, You have very interesting voice. It is deep and low, can be even say it is hypnotising. Your voice is compere to voice Jonas Renkse from Katatonia. Did You or do You take any singing lessons ? And how do You receive such comparisons?

Marco Benevento: Well, I’ve never taken any lessons, but I would like to study an operatic method. That would be very interesting and useful. Moreover, I’ve always desired to play as bassbaritone in some opera! About Jonas, it’s obviously flattering to be compared to such a great singer, but I’ve never felt too close to him, not for style nor for tone. I think we perform and live the music we play in a very different way.

Are You planning to organize a tour gigs promoting the new album ? How to be with it?

Francesco Sosto: Of course we would like to arrange a tour and hold on some important festival as we did for the promotion of Oionos, but at present we’re still concentrating on the last few things to be fixed for the album, I think we’re going to deal with it in the near future.

How started your experience with a music?

Francesco Sosto: Each one of us has started by playing his own instrument and making his own experience by playing in a band, then with time it happened that our paths crossed. In the beginning we were the three of us : Andrea Chiodetti, Alessandro Pace and Francesco Sosto, soon after we’ve been joined by Jonah Padella and Marco Benevento. Our new bass player Francesco Giulianelli is in the band since two years ago.

In artistic area, do You occupy yourselves something else for example: writing, painting etc.?

Francesco Sosto: I always liked writing, that’s why I found myself writing lyrics for The Foreshadowing. Jonah is a great master of cooking, we all remember with pleasure our barbecue cooking times we spent together with him !

Do You want tell something to Your polish fans?

Alessandro Pace: We love Poland ! We played there in 2008 at a Mayday Festival and it was gréat. I remember really cool audience and actually we have lot of fans from Poland asking to come back soon!
Francesco Sosto : Hails Poland ! Are you ready for the Second World?


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