The Fallacy (ang)

Interview with The Fallacy 14.10.2011r.

The Fallacy

How can you describe your music for people who have never heard you before?
Well our music is basically ‚Goth Rock With Real Feeling’ Mainly we are in the classic gothic vein, but we are opened to new influences from gothic metal, industrial, rock and related styles.

What was beginnings of The Fallacy? How did you guys met?
Marco had some songs for a personal project and he realized that the songs had something interesting, so he decided to form a band and record the songs for and EP and later for an album. We all have friends in common that connect us eachother. So when we met we had a instantly conection in music and everything. And now we are a lovely family.

How did you get your band name?
We were looking for a concept to describe the human behavior wich is not perfect at all.Not everything becomes how we expect, sometimes things go wrong. That is The Fallacy: a mistake or and error in any chain of data.

How did your adventure with music start?
We all are professional musicians, we are 100% dedicated to music so is not an epic adventure anymore, is now the way we live. Making music, composing, performing live, touring, shooting videos anything you need to become a band.

How’s the process of creating songs in The Fallancy? Is everyone doing their own parts or you’re creating songs together?
At first Marco did all the work, but then he wanted to add different music experiences and styles to our music. That’s why for the album ‚Beyond the mist’ Angie wrote a couple of songs. But at the end we all give a little bit of us in every song we write.

What is your inspiration?
Of course dark literature! but with no doubt our inspiration comes from: people’s life, feelings like love, hate, sadness. Social problems, our own problems! Relationships of all kind, etc… Life it self!
We are very interested in the dark side of the human nature.

The band was founded in 2007 and you already released two albums, EP and music video.
Not every band which exists fout years achieved as much as you. Is there anything more you want to achieve?

Well we think that’s the way a band should work, we make music so that’s what we offer every year.
We are very proud of our work but of course we want more!
So this year we finished a new album, with 12 new tracks and we hope to perform live beyond our continent. We are very excited about it.

What should new fans need to know about the band/members?
You all should know that we’ll keep bringing goth rock music of every kind to you and for you.
And everything we do is made with a special dedication, we try to do our best in any project (music, lyrics, video, tours).
About the members, we all are ordinary, we love to meet new people, travel and meet new places, make friends in every country we visit.
We consider our self like normal people. From the simplest things we try to get most.

Is there any place where you would like to play a gig or someone with you would like to cooperate with?
We’d like to play everywhere, anywhere, anytime, whenever people want to watch us performing our music.
It would be lovely to cooperate with bands who are in the same scene we are. (Goth, dark wave, industrial, post punk, gothic metal, and so on)

What do you like about concerts?
The best thing is the adrenaline we feel before the show and when we are performing on stage, and the best gift is when people are conected with our music and we can hear them singing our songs.
The stage is our favorite place in the world!

Do you know anything about Poland? Maybe you know any polish band?
Yes, we know about your past politic history, i mean, the hard times you were fighting for freedom.
But we know too your country is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Europe, specially Warsaw.
Unfortunately we don’t know much about polish bands, but we know the metal and goth scene are huge so it would be great if you can show us some bands from Poland.

Do you have any plans for future?
We´re working in our third album , will be ready during this month (oct) we´re planning our new tour dates.
And working hard for the new videos.

Thank you very much for your time ! Any final words for our readers?
Well thank you very much for keeping our music spirit alive! That’s why we keep doing this! Stay gothic and follow The Fallacy.

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