Tears Of Magdalena (ang)

Interview with Tears of Magdalena 13.08.2011r.

Tears Of Magdalena

Your single: „The Ghost of The Lighthouse” was released in this year. Can you tell us something about this single?
VASSTAGO: Sure, actually it’s our first single after our debut album „Myths and Legends”. Story of the song is about ancient nautical themed fantasy because we both love sea, nature & yachting.

MAGDALENA: Yes, I usually start to compose after Vasstago have done lyrics for me. I follow the story when I compose which gives me ideas, like a movie and after that you make music for it. In this song I used symphony orchestral instruments combined with metal music sounds and gloomy effects.

Your first album „Myths And Legends” was relesed in 2008, tell us when the fans will receive your new album?
MAGDALENA: Next year we are planning to release 4-6 singles and music videos and album maybe after 1 year, if everything will go fine. We try to use modern music industry models to release our music and reach our fans.

Are you going to give some gigs, because of release your new single?
MAGDALENA: We will release more songs and after that yes sure we make some concerts.

Tears of Magdalena is a duo. What happend to ex members of the band? Why did you decided for a duo?
VASSTAGO: Tears Of Magdalena is a duo since 2005, because we write and produce all songs for our band. Magdalena plays all istruments in many songs by herself, but for some songs we need session musicians for studio and line up for live shows. For that reason we are only two members.

You are playing gothic/symphonic metal. Well, I think, that in the last time there are more band playing this kind of music. Tell me, is Tears of Magdalena different?
VASSTAGO: Yes exatly our debut album „Myths and Legends” was gothic & symphonic folk metal. I could say that our music nowadays is between neo-classical metal and alternative pop & rock and sure of course we are going to be unique and do something new.

Your website wasn’t actuallized from 2009. Will you do something with this, or your fans should look for news about you on Twitter or Facebook?
MAGDALENA: New website will be created by grapchics studio „Darkgrove”.

VASSTAGO: Yes new official website www.tearsofmagdalena.com is now under construction and very soon we will get new official website.
Of course we have official channels in facebook, youtube, twitter, myspace etc…

Has Tears of Magdalena have any plans for future?
MAGDALENA: To release more songs, covers and musicvideos.

VASSTAGO: Yes that’s true, we have so many plans and ideas for future.

Have you got any other projects, exepct Tears of Magdalena?
VASSTAGO: For me one band is enough and I want concentrate only for one job.

MAGDALENA: I was as session musician singin some parts in Iconcrash „Enochian Devices”(2009) and Timo Tolkki’s (Stratovarius) Revolution Renaissance „Age of Aquarius” (2009) and in debut album of Timo Tolkki’s Symfonia (2011). In future i will release some pop/rock covers, classical and folk music albums and i will take part in some other metal and classical music projects.

Tell us someting about your inspirations.
MAGDALENA: I feel very strong energy, that give me every time passion to make music and share it with people. Also we both have strong inspirations to make music about beautiful nature of Finland, ideas about winter, lakes, archipelagos, forests, rocks, seagulls. When you are waiting for summer during dark and cold winter and when spring is coming, you feel stong energy to create something beautiful. Music is dark, dramatic, but very passion and emotional. I also get a lot of inspiration, when i hear music of the greatest composers of all time of the history.

VASSTAGO: I mostly concentrate on the lyrics and i have always read a lot of books and watch a lot of movies. Some of my favourite novelists are f.e. Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert, Anne Rice. There is also awesome movie directors like Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Alan Parker , Ridley Scott etc but got to say one of my favourite lyricist is absolutely Steve Harris.

And the last one, do you wanna tell something to your fans?
MAGDALENA: Thank you everybody who support us. We love you!

VASSTAGO: Yes fans are the very important thing in our music, if there is not fans there is nothing. Thank you for all who support us. Take care of you, we love you!


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