Tarja Turunen

1. When you have finished the music studies, did you know, that you will sing in rock/metal band?
I was singing with the metal band already when I was studying in the Music University in Finland. I also moved to Germany to finish my studies in another University while being in the band, so definitely I was aware of being a singer in the heavy metal band before finishing my studies.

2. We all remember your parting with Nightwish, culminating in a very unpleasant and unexpected way. do you think that it was a twist of fate, to start a solo career?
I have lived the best years of my life during my solo career. It really has been a blessing to be able to do music on my own.

3. For 18 years you are active musically. It must still give you pleasure, but there are also moments of doubt?
Doubts about the music industry in general I have, but I have no doubts abouts my future. Music industry is living it’s worst times at the moment and it is affecting all the bands and artists all over the world. I will be continue singing and making music as long as I am feeling good by doing it.

4. Your daughter, Naomi, knows mama’s songs, recognize your voice?
She definitely recognizes my voice. I am not playing my songs at home, but when we are on tour, Naomi is with me.

5. Undoubtedly, you have many fans in Poland who love you for years, do you feel good playing concerts in Poland? Do you have some memories with our country?
I have been lucky to play in Poland both rock and classical concerts. My fans in Poland are very loyal to me. I only have great memories from there and this time I am really glad to be able to see more of your beautiful country since there are 4 concerts that we will do.

6. The album „Colours in the dark” and the first of her song „Victim of ritual” has a surprising start – Bolero – Ravel after a while becomes in a fiercer music. Is your intended idea or rather a matter of chance?
I always like to add to rock some classical music spirit, so this song was written having that in mind. I have many other songs as well that are inpired by classical music if you dig deep and listen my songs carefully. Sometimes the classical pieces are not that easy to recognize, other times they are.

7. The album earned great recognition among young and old fans, but the track where your daughter crying in the background is a total surprise! Where did the idea?
I loved recording Naomi’s voice when she was a baby. Actually I am still doing sometimes. I didn’t even think of using her voice for my album until I was working on the production of the album and the song needed that. I think it fits perfectly for the mood of „ Lucid dreamer”.

8. Listening to „Colours” I got the impression, this is an album of a mature woman, convinced of her talent. Do you also feel that way?
It is definitely the maturest album from me so far. I was very convinced, confident and happy during the writing and production, so I believe you can hear that on the record. Music has brought me to different places in the world and showed me that I have a place as an artist to exist. That makes me extremely happy every day.

9. What inspired you to the recording this album and creating such songs? Do you want something to pass by them ?
My inspiration comes mainly from my life and from my personal experiences. I write a lot about what affects me emotionally. I usually keep my lyrics quite open so that my isteners can interpret them as they wish and get more personal relation with the songs. There is not such a message or concept on the album.

10. In November you will visit Poland. What would you like to say to your fans who can not wait for your concert?
I want to thank all of you for the support and love you have been giving to me already througout many years. I feel very priviledged to receive all that love. I am looking forward to rock with you people very soon!

With love, Tarja

Wywiad : Agnieszka Hibner, Leszek Kampczyk
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