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Interview with Tales of Dark 09.02.2012

Welcome. It’s nice to have found some time for us. I will say frankly that I am a person who willingly learns new bands, my passion is „discovering” new bands. Once, a sleepless night, went to you, I say one thing – I was enchanted, and regretted that it was only now discovering. Tell us a little about yourself, after all, has existed since 2001, it is certainly something to tell. How did it happen that you decide to set up the Tales of Dark?

Davor: Greetings and thank you for the kind words. Tales of Dark… was started on Halloween in 2001 by two friends who just wanted to make a kind of music that, at the time (although not much has changed in that regard), practically didn’t exist in our country. One of them, Kristijan, left the band four years ago, so Nikola is the only remaining founding member. Arpad joined soon thereafter, and the rest of us followed. The band has gone through some lineup changes over the years, as people committed to this kind of music are hard to find in our relatively small community. The current lineup, however, has been stable for the past three years, other than having to work with a session drummer.

Subject of your poems is focused around the darkness, sorrow and pain. It’s quite common for bands playing music similar to yours. Not afraid of the accusations of secondariness?

Well, the name of the band should be indicative of what kinds of topics will be covered. This is just a natural fit for the music, and the lyrics themselves are often personal and contemplative. I don’t think anyone can ever say that the lyrics are unoriginal; the subjects may be, but there are only so many of them in this world, and the way you approach them makes all the difference. Writing about unicorns, rainbows, or political themes in the context of our music would definitely be innovative, but nonsensical and incongruous as well. It is quite important to us that the music and lyrics synergize.

You play music which is referred as doom metal with gothic influences. Whether this was the assumption from the outset or maybe your style evolved over time, through trial and error?

The basis of the music was always supposed to be doom metal, with any other influences the members of the band provide. At first, there were more gothic elements and the tempo, on average, was a bit faster. Over the years, we settled into this mixture of mostly slow doom parts with occasional fast passages, but it all depends on the emotional content of the lyrics most of the time. Anger brings out fast, aggressive parts, while sorrow dictates a more down-tempo approach.

Each of you has your favorite artists, poets, writers, each is inspired by something else. This creates a mix, from which comes your music. Does not arise tensions resulting from the different visions of music?

Well, when you get together 7 people to work on a common goal, there will always be some amount of tension. The band is a democracy, so we settle all our disputes by vote. However, we all agree about the fundaments of our music, so all the different influences each of us brings to the band only contribute to the sound and these idiosyncrasies are what makes our music unique.

Some of you are also tied up with other bands. This is not a problem for Tales of Dark?

Yes, some of us are also involved in other bands and musical endeavors, but we don’t let that be a hindrance to ToD… The other projects serve as a way of giving life to ideas that could not find a proper home in ToD… Limiting your creative output to one single subgenre is never a good thing, so we try to do other things as well. Having different outlets for our ideas is also good because we don’t try to fit everything we come up with into ToD… thus preserving the sound signature of the band.

In 2005 and 2006, you stand on the stage of Exit Festival alongside such giants as Moonspell or Napalm Death. What was your impression after the concert with such stars? Don’t you felt a little „in the shade”?

I don’t know about Napalm Death, as we didn’t play the same day as them, but we had a time slot right after Moonspell, and it was great! We didn’t really feel overshadowed. They put on a fine concert, and it just inspired us even more to do our best. A lot of the fans stayed on to watch us, so both the atmosphere and the concert were great.

You have done two albums. The last of them, „Perdition Calls”, was released in 2009. What with the successor of this album? Do you have plans to release new album?

Actually, we’re currently in the process of writing the third album, and we’ll be recording it sometime this year. It has been very challenging to write, as it will be a concept album. The lyrics are almost completely done, and the music is taking shape (I’m actually working on the album right now, and when I take a break, I answer these questions). It will probably consist of 10 songs (9 + an outro) and the working title is “The Snow and the Phoenix”. The story is about a series of catastrophes that befall mankind because of its hubris, and the way people, and two people in particular, deal with the aftermath. It will be similar to what we did in the past, but probably heavier, both musically and emotionally.

What about concerts for the current year? Will you go forth on the road? Maybe the Polish audience will see you „live”?

Since we’re planning on writing and recording our third album this year, we’re not planning many concerts, but if someone invites us, we’re always glad to play live. We’d love to play in Poland, but this doesn’t depend only on us, but the wishes of concert promoters in each country. We might do some festivals in the summer, but nothing is certain yet.

Thank you very much for your time. I wish you continued success and the joy of making music!

Thanks and all the best to you and your readers!


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