Suicide Love Boat (ang)

Interview with Suicide Love Boat – 9.02.2010r.

Suicide Love Boat

Chris, when did you start to make music?
I joined my first band when I was 14, then I had few riffs on the guitar, so I guess it would be when I was 14 or so.

Do you have any bands beside Suicide Love Boat now?
Not right now. I played bass I Renoise, but we put in on a break for an undefined period of time. We also have / had a cover band and we played in few birthday parties and weddings on the summer. Guess we still have that band but we´re not booking any gigs atm.

What kind of music you listen privately?
All sorts. Black metal, Avantgarde black metal, pop, rock, etc. If a song is good, then it´s just good. No matter if it´s classic or doommetal.

What aren’t you imagining the life without?
Music and frieds / family. Cannot survive without those. My mobile phone is also on that list.

Ok, let’s talk about Suicide Love Boat 😀 How would you describe your music?

Who of you creates the music and the songs?
Usually Wildjam and Mike compose the songs, I write all the lyrics. Now when we got a new guitarist (Themes Thunder), he´s participating in the songwriting process pretty well.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Mostly hangovers and good time. 😉

Can you describe every member of the band with using just three words each?
Rightyo. Umm.
Myself i would describe: anxious, stressfull, management.
Mike: calm, tall, money
Wildjam: Ad-hd, happy, guitar
Tommy: Graphics, karate, friendly
Zon: Lesbian, drunk, mentally-ill. (sorry, one extra word there) 😉
Themes: Clefsnake, anywhere, loimaa

What’s the craziest moment you’ve experienced or seen when playing live?
There´s many. One of the funniest was when I organized an event few years ago and a member from Sister Shotgun threw an wheelchair to the audience. On our first clubgig with Suicide Love Boat we got bra thrown on stage and on the next one some girls were flashing their tits to us. Rock! 😉

On gigs you have strong makeup like some of black metal bands, you’re modeling yourselves on them or it’s your own idea?
We dont put the make-up on to look black metal, we just thought it was a funny idea and a new thing on this kinda music.

You have some gigs in Czech and Germany soon, are you planning another gigs abroad Finland?
Yeah, constantly we´ve got alot of stuff in mind and I seriously want to go back and play in France. My personal dream is to play in Japan some day. I guess i gotta start working on that one pretty soon. But yes, we will tour abroad more later on.

With which Finnish band would you like to go on tour?
Damn, theres so many. Touring with friends is always nice. Like the last tour we did in 2008 with Renoise, T.A.P and Essentia. I cannot name any single band right now, too many on the list! 🙂

What are your plans for the future? Any new single or music video?
Our first single „Immortal Sexuality” should hit the stores and online stores on march 3rd if everything goes as planned. Also the music video for „Immortal Sexuality” is due to be released on the same date.
We´re recording an full album right now, but it´s going to be a while until it´s finished. While waiting on that, come check out our live shows, theres new songs coming up!

Rock out with yer cock out! 🙂


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