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Interview with Stream of Passion 29.06.2011r.

Stream Of Passion

My first question is connected with your 3rd album „Darker Days”. Where did you get idea for this title, and did you plan that song with the same title as album will be your first single?
Stream of Passion: Lots of the songs are based on dealing with difficult times, overcoming dark periods in life. That’s why we thought the title „Darker days” would be a suited one. We haven’t officially released any singles, but we did post the song „Darker days” online as a thank you to the fans and give them a little taste of the album.

Can you tell us about your new album? What is the difference between „Darker Days” and previous albums, what can we expect from „Darker Days”?
This album is way more experimental than our previous work. On „The Flame Within”, our previous CD, our focus was on live energy and live orientated songs. On „Darker Days” we tried to expand our musical horizons and incorporate more different influences into our music. So you can expect more contrasts: lots of energetic riffs but also very intense, emotional atmospheric parts.

How could you encourage people to listen to Stream of Passion „Darker Days” album?
If you like music with a lot of emotion I think you’ll really like this album from the first minute. It starts with a bunch of energy and evolves into melancholy and passion. We like to put all our feelings and emotions in the music we make!

If you could create movie based on tour new album, what kind of movie it would be?
I think it would be a kind of Mad Max movie, in a sort of „world-torn-apart” setting where the characters have to find their way and survive.

Is there a chance that you get the video for the song „Darker Days”? Or maybe you are planning a video for a completely different song from the album?
We’re not planning on doing video clips as such so far, but we do have some ideas on maybe doing some live documentaries of shows. We’ll see!

What about the tour to promote the new album? Is there a chance, that Polish fans will be able to see you here?
I sure hope so! We’re still working on tour plans for the rest of the year, so I hope we can include Poland.

Which who do you want to go on tour?
I like to tour with bands with other female singers, it’s nice to be able to hang out with other women on tour for a change! Not that I don’t like the guys or anything, though, they’re great!

What are your future plans?
Right now we’ll be concentrated on playing and promoting „Darker Days”; we want to take this new music to as many places as we can.

Do you have any other bands, projects beside the Stream of Passion?
Not at the moment, Stream of Passion takes all my time!

I noticed nowadays gothic/symphonic metal with female vocals are very popular, for example: Markize, Delain, ReVamp or Stream of Passion. What distinguishes Stream of Passion from other bands playing in similar style to your?
I think specially with the last album we’ve been shifting more into experimenting with genres and different styles of music; we’ve got some progressive, alternative and even Latin influences that set us apart from the rest. I also think our music is way more about raw emotions and less about big orchestral arrangements; nothing wrong with them, of course!

When I heared about Stream of Passion immediately I thought about beautiful Marcela’s voice, crisp guitars and drums, sadness, melancholy, longing and hope. I wonder how you would you describe the Stream of Passion?
I think you covered pretty much everything! For us the emotions expressed in the music are the most important part of it all. Without emotion and honesty in music there’s very little left.

At the end What would you like to say to your Polish fans?
Lots of love and good wishes to you all! I hope you enjoy „Darker Days” as much as we enjoyed making it, and I surely hope we get to visit you soon with a live show!


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