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Interview with Stala&So.30.09.2011r.

Stala & So

Can you tell us something about beginning of Stala&So.?
Me and Nick started it as „So.” back in 1997. At one point we were both in Lordi and So. was more of like a therapy band. About two years ago I started to work on my solo album, that became our debut album „It Is So.” About a year ago when they asked us to participate Finnish Eurovision song contest, we decided to call ourselves Stala & So.

After a break Stala&So. back with new name, new album and took part in the finnish Eurovision Song Contest. Do you think ESC was good start for the band?
It was a perfect start for us especially in Finland. It forced us to put the band back together and it helped us to be a known band. Our main goal was to get to the Finnish finals and make a good show. And we did it.

Your music can be definite as melodic rock with positive attitudes, but why did you choose it that way? What is your inspiration?
We didn’t choose anything but to be ourselves. That’s who we are. I’ve always loved a good melodies and harmonies, no matter what the genre is. The reason I love bands like Kiss, Europe or Foo Fighters is that those bands have a great songs with brilliant melodies plus the right attitude. There’s enough bands who wants to kill themselves. I’m here to have fun, and I want our fans to have fun and enjoy life as well. 🙂

Why are you dressed the way you’re dressed? Where came the idea from?
Obviously you can find some references from the 70’s British glam movement, such as Bowie, Bolan and Sweet. I’ve always found that interesting when rockstars look like rockstars. More is better. It’s something extra for the fans and it’s fun to dress up like idiots. Hahaha.

Your debut album “It Is So” was produced by yourself. Which problems are there when doing promoting, producing and management of the band all alone?
You lose your mind and a lot of money 😉
Luckily we had a perfect plan for the album and we knew exactly what we wanted. Of course sometimes when you are too close you might get blind for what you’re doing. So we had an outside co-producer who helped us along the way. We are blessed that we can do so much by ourselves. Otherwise this band wouldn’t exist.

First you wanted to record a solo album, that’s why most of songs from “It Is So” album are yours. So how about new songs? Will style of Stala&So. change a bit because now you’re one band?
Well we have to see about that. There might be some different vibes here and there, but still this is the band that gives me the unlimited freedom to write whatever I want. So the debut album gives the right direction what this band is about. Of course there’s no use to do the same songs over and over again. I hope that every band member has a great ideas for the songs and that we can develop our songwriting album after album.

How you can describe your new EP “Gimme Five” to encourage people to listen it?
It’s a babysister record for the It Is So. There’s five songs that couldn’t fit the first album but that we’ve been playing live for years. Some of the songs are fans’ favourites and they were disappointed that they couldn’t hear those songs in the first album. There’s also a cover version of the MSG song Anytime. That is a really beautiful song. I’m very pleased how the sound is in that EP. It sounds even better than It Is So.

What should new fans need to know about the band/members?
That each one of us are very handsome and that we have big penises. I think that covers it all. 😀

Are there any concrete plans to have success outside of Finland?
Hell yeah! Finland is so small country that we need to focus outside of it. Right now we are just starting out in Europe and Japan with the first album. It’s a long way to go, but we are ready and willing to do anything to make it. We are doing some promotion in Germany and perhaps in Japan this year and next year we will start our first European tour. Luckily we have a good fan base to start to build up the band. There’s also plans to release the album in USA next year.

The band was founded in 1997, what made you decide to go to Germany *now*?
Better now than never. Now is the first time that we have an album out there. There’s no use to go anywhere if you don’t have anything to promote. It’s very hard to find partners in this business nowadays. We were lucky to have Music Buy Mail to distribute and to promote us.

Do you have any sidekick-projects?
Not really. I’m concentrating 100% in this band now. I’m also doing some productions in my own studio when I have the time. If there’s some interesting offers coming I might do something special in the future.

Why do you play music?
It was an obsession for me when I was growing up. It’s just something that I can’t live without. Singing a good song feels like a thousand orgasms at the same time.

What do you like about concerts?
They are like larger than life experiences, when they are good. Fortunately you can’t download a concert experience. I will never forget my first concerts I’ve been at. I was 14 when I saw Kiss for the first time. That was absolutely amazing.

Any funny stories of touring/playing live?
I remember one time years ago when we were suppose to play a gig in Lahti, Finland. We did the soundcheck and I noticed that I’ve lost my voice completely. So we had to cancel our show. After that one band member drank too much Vodka of course. Then we went to our rental minibus and started to drive back home. About 300 meters before our destination that very same band member threw up to our then guitar player’s shoes. Next morning before I had to return the vehicle to the rental company I had to clean up that puke off the floor and the seats. Then I learned that being in a rock band is not necessarily so glamourous every time.

Finnish music scene is mostly known from hard rock/metal bands. How about polish music scene? Do you know any polish bands?
Unfortunately I don’t know any. I’m looking forward to hear some cool Polish hard rock.

What is your biggest dream?
To get this band of ours to be big enough, so we could travel the world and play our music to the people from all around the world.

Thank you very much for your time ! Any final words for our polish readers?
Well check out our band if you don’t know who we are yet.
If you like our music get our albums and come to our shows and we will promise to make you smile.
Have a great autumn!

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