Solar Fake – Frontiers (ang)

Solar Fake – Frontiers

1. Under the skies
2. Why did I raise the fire
3. No apologies
4. More than this
5. Parasites
6. Such a shame
7. Where are you
8. The rising doubt
9. Pain goes by
10. Until I’m back
11. The line of sight

When I started listening to this album to be honest, I had mixed feelings. I was afraid that the album will be a copy of „Broken Grid”, the debut album of the solo project of Sven Friedrich known to the public as a singer of Zeraphine or Dreadful Shadows. Fortunately my fears were not confirmed. Album „Frontiers” significantly differ from previous one. Admittedly on album you can hear spirit of previous album and Solar Fake style but Frontiers from the beginning is full of novelty. It’s also a more danceable, lively and full of different flavors. After listened first song you can see that on this album there is more club- electronic sounds wrapped sadness and longing. Even lyrics are typical for Sven: in political-social-romantic style. For some, this style can be trite and boring, and for others beautiful, touching hearts and giving food for thought. I agree with both opinion. Because some tracks deserve our attention, and some can be heard, but did not bring to knees. And Sven vocals here is no changeless, on the contrary. Once his voice is aggressive and sharp, and for a moment turn upside down for mild, gentle and calm. Skillfully he show us emotions, contained in his songs . What helps recipient to better understand whole album. On the album there is also something for covers fans, namely a cover of Talk Talk – Such A Same. Unfortunately, doing cover of Talk Talk Sven a little carried away with the hoe to the sun. Sven obviously deserve for applause for his courage, but sometime courage does not pay. Listening to this cover I have the impression like behind his back stood Mark Hollis fans (Talk Talk singer) and all the time instruct Sven how he should sing this song. I do not feel in the cover breath freshness, on the contrary . Mr. Friedrich hold on to the original but there’s no point to copy the original. Who like a who, but he should know that because ha made a lot of them. I expected that, Such a shame performed by Solar Fake will be refreshed and that this song will be done in an interesting way, sadly I’m disappointed. There is also something for those who are counting on ballads, even though the song you can call ballad is: ‚Where are you’. In my opinion it’s the weakest song on the album, not counting the cover, with trite theme and bit which everyone in own home, on own computer can create with a few not complicated free programs for creating music. The only advantage of this song is keyboard in the background. But it’s not so bad. There is also few gems on the album. For example song: ‚Why did I raise the fire’ with soft sound that turns into a violent and quite feisty with lyric, the song ‚Parasites’ which differs from previous large number of ‚no’ in the song and ‚No Apologies’ with seem to be funny and joyful melody. However, personally cast spell on me last song on the album ‚The Line Of Sight’, a beautiful song with piano and meaningful electronic sound. It’s perfect summary of whole contents of Frontiers. Album certainly meet with great interest among fans and even guarantee new, who are hungry for interesting electronic, balanced sounds. Frontiers is perfectly suitable for clubs, discos and to listen album in the recesses of your own home with friends or in solitude. To sum up the album is definitely better than the debut, more polished and refined. Do not tire listeners, on the contrary, is one of those albums that can absorb and crunch in memory, thanks to its catchy sounds.

Score: 8 / 10

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