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Interview with Solar Fake 25.05.2011r.

Solar Fake

Before I will ask about your new album, I have to ask about name Solar Fake? Fans are joking, that name came from your initials, is it true ?
: A little 😉 I’ve found the name Solar Fake first and it’s been a nice side effect with my initials, since this act is my solo project and it’s pure Sven Friedrich 😉 I’ve had several ideas how to name this project and Solar Fake made it, not only because the initials fit, but it influenced my decision.

Your debiut album „Broken Grid” has met with positive opinions and Reviews among fans of EBM and electro music, also cover of Radiohead „Creep” from this album is considered by many people for better than the oryginal. Did you feel under pressure from surroundings, and the fans during composing, and recording material for a new album?
I think most of the pressure comes from me myself. During composing or producing I actually don’t think very much about how someone else could like or dislike something, first of all I have to be satisfied. I think I’m a very difficult critic about myself, because I’m a perfectionist in a way. But that’s very helpful, not to sit back too soon. When I finished writing a song I start caring about other people 😉 Then I send it to very close friends, like Frank (Solar Fakes live keyboardist), to see their reaction. If they are fine I’m happy, if not I continue working on the track 😉

22 July your second album „Frontiers” will be released. Why did you get idea for the title? Does it symbolize anything special?
To find a suitable album title is always very difficult for me, because I think it has to work for every track on the album. „Frontiers” is one of the keywords in the song „Pain goes by” so it has a direct connection to one of the album tracks which is of (minor) importance for me as well. It symbolizes all kinds of borders, barriers… frontiers in yourself, from outside, barriers you have to get over or people want you to overcome, even if you don’t want to… It simply gets to the point most of my lyrics are about.

What can you say about new album? Can you reveal „Frontiers”tracklist for us?
Sure :

01. Under the skies
02. Why did I raise the fire
03. No apologies
04. More than this
05. Parasites
06. Such a shame
07. Where are you
08. The rising doubt
09. Pain goes by
10. Until I’m back
11. The line of sight

Will „Frontiers” be continuation „Broken Grid”, or it will be concept album?
Not really a concept album. Somehow it continues ‚Broken grid’, but it also goes new paths. It’s very varying, I think. I mixed many styles of electronic music again, like synth pop, dark electro, electro punk elements, industrial etc. But all in all it’s more club- compatible and danceable than ‚Broken grid’, there are not that many ‚slow’ tracks. I think with „Frontiers” I continued creating my own style by merging various styles, still every track on the album sounds like Solar Fake. I like to surprise from track to track, to have somehow a compilation character on the album, because I want people (and myself) not to be bored after listening to the first 3 tracks.

Will be any cover on the album? If yes, whose this time?
Yes, it’s „Such a shame”, originally by Talk Talk. I love the song and the original video clip and it turned out to work pretty well as a cover version. Harmonies, song arrangement and lyrics really suit the Solar Fake sound very good.

How was the process of creating a new album? Did you write lyrics first and then music, or vice versa?
No, I always write the music first, after that I develop a vocal line and thereafter I write the lyrics. This way is the most effective for me, because I can also use the music as an inspiration source for the words. I usually record some musical ideas and try to give them a song structure, then I listen to those over and over again trying to find the (at least for me) perfect vocals. It’s the same procedure every time, no matter if I write a song for Solar Fake, Zeraphine or Dreadful Shadows.

On the previous album, unfortunately, there was no music video, how will this time? Can fans can count on a music video?
Yes, at least I hope so. We’ll try to shoot minimum one music video. This is the next thing I’m doing. I’ll direct it by myself, write the concept and so on. We’ll try to release it before the album will be released… Hopefully we can make it in time. Then I hope we can shoot another 1 or 2 clips, but it depends if we have enough time to do it 😉

Does the new album contains all songs, which was composed for this?album? Or for example, you composed about 30 songs and then you chose songs which will be on the „Frontiers” album ?
No, I usually only write the final song choice. Of course there are more ideas I start to work on, but normally I notice very early which can become a good song and which not. As soon as I realize that an idea is not good enough I stop working on it and concentrate on the next idea. I simply don’t want to waste my energy on the wrong things 😉

What was inspiration for you, when you were working on new album ?
Almost everything. But mostly it’s the humankind, social absurdities and personal destinies. Several situations in life…

Are you planning a DVD, or it’s still too early to talk about it ?
Well, by now a DVD is not planned. I think a live DVD would not make a big sense after the 2nd album, but maybe after the 3rd one 😉

And what about the tour? Is there a chance that your Polish fans will be able to see you here again? Fans enjoyed your concert in Bolków on Castle Party 2009.
Yes, we enjoyed it too 🙂 It was a great moment for us. I really hope we can play in Poland one day again. Maybe if a club promoter reads this… we’re willing to play in Poland 🙂
For now our agency organizes some gigs in Germany, but the album will be released all over Europe and in the US, so we’ll try to play in other countries too.

Will „Tour Diary” will continue during the tour promoting the new album ?
Yes, of course. It turned out to be a nice goody and people liked reading it. So we’ll continue it. But first we’ll redesign the webpage. It’s really time for that 😉

Speaking of concerts I want to ask with who you would like to go on tour?
Well, the concerts we opened for VNV Nation were really great, I’d like to repeat it some day, but for their upcoming tour they already have an opening act. Covenant would have been cool as well, but they’re on tour too early for us. But we’ll see, I’m pretty sure there are some other good opportunities…

And what was you’re the best and the worst concert? Maybe some funny or scary situations during concerts?
We’ve had quite a few great concerts, e.g. Castle Party, our appearances at Amphi and Blackfield festivals and the recent ‚festival of darkness’ in Braunschweig, also our last concert was amazing, regarding to the audience response, when we played all the new songs for the first time. There wasn’t really a ‚worst’ concert yet, luckily. But you always have some tense situations. Kind of a worst case scenario is a technical malfunction. Once the sample rate of our live intro was accidentally set to a very low value, so it ‚s just been an extremely low noise. Or, of course, if I have a blackout. This doesn’t happen very often, but it can happen…

Future plans and Solar Fake dreams?
Well, first we’re going to shoot a video clip, then the album will be released and then we’ll play some shows. Of course we really hope people will like „Frontiers” a lot… We don’t really make plans, because everything usually turns out to be different than you thought, so you always have to be flexible 😉

And now a slightly different question: Nowadays take care of the environment is very fashionable. I’m curious, what do you think about it and how you care about nature?
Well, I think it’s good that nowadays it’s more present in peoples minds that saving our nature is the key to survive. But on the other hand, most of the people just pretend to act ‚good’. If it means to give up just a minimum of comfort it’s unacceptable for the most. I notice it very often that people say it’s important to save our environment but they’re not willing to change their lifestyle, not even a little. I think it’s necessary. Even our politicians now all talk green. But instead of acting green (let’s take out the real green party here) they build new roads, support just the big companies, they simply remain in their old environmental-killing structures, because it gives the best profit. And they lie about emissions, about nuclear power and about economy. That’s really sad, because I think it’s in their hands to finally change something. There’s just the green party here in Germany amongst all political groups that really cares, since more than 30 years.

I think I’m more radical, because I see the human being as the biggest enemy to all other life. Wherever people interfere with the nature they just kill it for their comfort. Human beings kill animals for food, even if it’s not necessary. And animals have to suffer that much (think about all the trucks on our motorways carrying living animals, think of all the killing factories). I don’t eat meat and I’m really feeling fine, so it’s absolutely not needed to act like that. People build new roads, new cities and so on… and with all that they destroy the natural space of plants and animals. And the worst thing… they don’t mind at all. I’m supporting several groups which are active in animal and nature protection. And I only buy ‚good’ food and other goods, with a clear origin, only from companies which protect nature and animals. If there’s nothing available from a company like that I don’t buy anything. I save electricity, gas and water wherever I can.

And how you care about yourself? Gym, pool etc.? How important is look for you?
Well, I think I’m a little vain indeed 😉 Starting with makeup and clothing. I never cared too much for sports but since almost a year I go to the gym to be fit and in good condition 😉

What do you think about piercing, tattoos, scars? Do you have any?
No. I could never decide for a good motive, so I’d better just leave it 😉 and I would have a bad feeling pumping ink under my skin… or pierce or cut it… Well, it’s the biggest organ of the body, so I thought I’d better leave it as it is… 😉 I just have an earring. What I really dislike is body hair…

If you had to play in the move, what kind of movie it would be and?what character you would like to play?
*lol* Maybe some character with not many words, because I think I’d just forget my text 😉 Honestly, I never had ambitions in that way. I think I wouldn’t be a good actor, I’m a better musician. It’s hard for me to pretend to be someone else than me.

Describe yourself in few words.
This would be a good question for friends of mine 😉 I think I’m honest, natural and grounded. I work too much, I’m always late with my taxes, because I know what they’re doing with my money ;-), I don’t care much for status, success and money, I enjoy my life and I always long for a free day.

What are you doing in your free time (when you don’t have to think?about gigs, recorging, interviews etc.)
I really don’t have a lot. If there really is one free day I simply try to do nothing or start reading a book. This is real luxurious…

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for music? How much are you can sacrifice for music?
*lol* I never was in bed with anyone from music business, if you mean that 😉 Well, once we (Dreadful Shadows) went for just one concert to Madrid. We traveled in a caravan for all in all 2 weeks. It was real fun.

If you hadn’t been musicians, you would have been…
A graphic and video artist, which I actually am besides my music career.

What is your contact with fans? Did something anything bad/good had happened you from their side?
Mostly it’s very positive. I take much of my energy out of messages from fans. We try to interact with our fans, after concerts we’re always there for a talk, for signings etc. Of course I also have some stalker experiences, but really, almost all of our fans are really very nice 🙂 I collect all presents from fans, they have a very special place in my house.

In the end, what do you want to tell your Polish fans?
Well, I hope you enjoy „Frontiers” and I also really hope we can play in Poland again in the very near future.

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