Solar Fake

1. 13th August you released the first single "Sick of You" of upcoming album "You Win. Who Cares?", could you say something about this song? Why did you decide, that this song will be the first single?
SF: Actually the boss of my record company picked the song, but I was more than ok with that. I think it's a good track to make people curious about the new album. It's a rather direct song, fast and kind of aggressive… It's about people who are too superficial, who just think about themselves…

2. 31st August you'll release your new fifth album "You Win. Who Cares?". This album is a continuation of the album released in 2015 "Another Manic Episode" or maybe we'll find there a new, closed story? 
I think, musically it starts where AME stopped, but I think it is more aggressive, more intense and more complex. But it's no concept album. The lyrics are still about mental illness and my negative relation to human beings in general 😉 

3. On "You Win. Who Cares?" we can find two covers: Editors – "Papillon" and Archive – "Fuck U", which made you choose these two songs? 
We already played Papillon in our live shows for quite a while. Lots of people asked us if this will be on any future album… so that was a good chance. And I always loved the Archive track. It fits perfectly on this album, you just have to imagine you sing it to yourself, 'cause I think that's how it's meant… 

4. Let's stay for a moment with cover songs. I remember, that Sven in one interview said about the idea of recording an album only with a covers. This idea is still alive?  
Well, I think as long as I still got new ideas for songs I'll keep it that way to put 1 or 2 covers on each new album, haha… But maybe some day, to fill a creative gap that might be a good way…

5. In 2009 you played in Poland on Castle Party. As you remember this festival and audience? 
Of course! I mean it's really long ago and our live performance has changed a lot since then. But I remember I totally loved it! I'd really like to play there again, but the organizer just doesn't want us there… I don't know why, my booking agent asks every year. Maybe he needs some pressure from the people… 

6. A lot of time has passed since your concert in Poland, when we can expect you again in our country?
Well, I think in 2012 or 2013 we played in Warsaw and it was also amazing. I really hope to come back soon, I'd really like to play a show in Poland… We'll keep on trying… In July we played in Schwedt and we had lots of Polish fans there, so I think it would be worth a try… Any promoters reading this??? 😉

7. Solar Fake – many concerts, new album ect. but what about other projects: Zeraphine, Dreadful Shadows? Some time ago there was information about the new Dreadful Shadows album, but now it is quiet about that.
Oh yes, we tried to work on new songs, but it didn't work out. After the tour with Zeromancer in 2013 I quit my participation in this band, because I think it's better to keep it in mind as it was instead of destroying it all… And with Zeraphine we still play some shows, but we don't work on new music. The focus of all musicians has shifted… but it's still fun to play concerts.

8. At the end, where in the near future will be able to see Solar Fake live?
Well, this year we still have some shows in Germany, and also in London and Helsinki, in January our tour starts in Germany, we're working on gigs in other countries, like Greece, Russia etc. Maybe we can also arrange something in Poland… would be great!