Sense of Creation

1. Can you in a nutshell, tell the fans, how did the band Sense of Creation start?
: We started this project in 2009 and at that time we didn’t have a name yet and it was actually a quite difficult decision for us to choose the right one. Together with one of my friend (first drummer) we decided to hire a rehearsal room and try to have some jamming session and see if we could do something together. What we were playing it was actually very interesting and we decided to looking for guitarist, bassist and singer.
This is how Sense of Creation began.

2. You released a great debut album „Forsaken Era”. Tell something about this record to the people, who have never heard „Forsaken Era”
: Forsaken Era is a concept album: it’s a journey through my life experience and the message that I would like to give to the listeners is that no matter how hard a situation can be, there is always a solution, a light, and a hope that can save us all in the end.
As in all stories and fairytales nothing is easy in the beginning, there is always a path that we have to cross, the same as in life.
So at the end I would like to say that everybody has their own cross to bear in life (now you can understand why in our new logo appears the cross) but we have to try to see always the positive side of this and try to transform the pain in something different and that for us is the creation of music.

3. From the formation of the band to release your debut album until four years have passed, tell why we had to wait that long time for the record?
This is a long story but we will try to be short.
The main problem that we had was the research of the right musicians to complete the lineup. Some of them were join the band and stay for few months and then decide that it wasn’t really the style that they wanted to play; some others they just join the band for hobby and didn’t put the same attention and dedication that both of us always showed. Others they come back to their own countries (this is very common in London) and others just disappears without say anything. 🙂
We have to say that Forsaken Era was ready to record 2 years ago but because of musicians that weren’t prepared for the recording as we wished we really lost too much time that we hope now we will recuperate with our new vision of the full picture.
To be honest with you we will see how the selling of our physical album will goes, so like this we will start to think to record the second one which is already written.

4. On the facebook, fans can choose a song from your debut album, that they would like to see as your first music video. This means, that you want make clip?
Yes is correct. We will wait till the end of August and see how many votes we will have for each song and we will start, in a row, to shoot the videos: our idea is to make it one for each song. We wish always to collaborate with our fans regarding ideas, location, costumes, screenplay etc…so stay tune with our news in facebook, twitter and official website. 🙂

5. Sense of Creation it’s two people: Lukasz Lowkis and Elisa Tomaselli, did you think about the idea, that more people could join the band?
In the past we were always thinking to create a full Sense of Creation line up but this it means that everybody should do their own work (something that for now never happened to us) We were maybe too naïve with the hoping to create a band were everybody works as a team to reach something together: a group of people which are not only musicians (and meet only for rehearsals and gigs) but also friends.
So for this reason for now we decided to have only touring/session musicians.

6. Sense of Creation is a band, that performs music like: symphonic/gothic metal. Which the bands of this genre are inspiration for you?
: Is hard to say….I don’t have really any bands that I could say is my favorite one. Also the composition process for me is something really personal and is driven by my emotions. In my life classical music was the main source of inspiration but if I have to mention some bands I would say: Sirenia, Epica, Sonata Arctica and Amberian Dawn. I didn’t mention all of them as I really listen lot of music and is really hard to choose the best one for me.

7. Do you planning to write a song/songs in Polish?
: I said to Lukasz many times that I would like to sing something in Polish. I don’t speak Polish yet  but I’m learning the pronunciation that for me is really hard as I don’t have all that particular sounds that eastern European has, but when I try to sing something in Polish I have very nice review from our Polish friends. 🙂
So the answer is yes but it will probably be included in one of our  singles.

8. What about the tour, do you planning to play a concert in Poland?
: We wish to come to Poland but at the moment we don’t have any promoter/manager who can organize these things for us. Hopefully, one day we will have opportunity to come to your beautiful country! 🙂

9. Can we listen to Elisa in some other projects, bands?
: I’m thinking to record some songs that I composed but I’m not sure will be in Sense of Creation official albums as the songs that we have (which are written mainly by Lukasz) are too different from my style of composition as I mainly will have voice flutes and acoustic guitar.

10. Finally, do you would to say something to your Polish fans?
: We want to really thanks to all the people who support and believe in us and we hope to see you soon at one of our shows!  Dziękujemy Wam z całego serca.