1. This year you’ve released the album „The Depths Inside”. This album for me is a flirt between the night and the morning. This is the combination of heavy sounds and of the symphonic melody. How can you describe this album in your opinion?
If we describe it in a few words, I would call this album some kind of activity’s result since the beginning of the band’s existence until now. This album consists of very old tracks and also new ones. Although it’s enough different in arrangements, we tried to find one common sound for all songs. In this album we made an accent on our texts. It’s some kind of mysterious and deep-colored paintings, which can be born only in a depths of somebody’s mind. We wanted this name of an album to be deep and comprehensive.

2. Tell something about your band, about your inspirations and about who in Sanctorium is responsible for the lyrics and who is for the music?
Well, history of Sanctorium began in the summer of 2005 when guitarist Victor and drummer Andrew, who had already played together, decided to form a new band. I joined them in November 2005. Since that time a lot of concerts had been played, a lot of people had been changed, a lot of songs had been written, and some of them had been recorded. In 2009 Victor left Sanctorium, and I remained the only member almost since the founding of the band. After that I re-assembled all musicians, and most of them are with me since that time. All old music belongs to Victor and first vocalist Sergey, they are very talented composers. Sergey also wrote very good texts, which are still used in our songs. As for present time, we try to write music all together, but main composer is Alexey, our guitarist. Me and vocalist Sergey (another one)) are responsible for the lyrics. As for inspiration… It’s art in any forms. If we see or hear something really breath-taking, it’s an incentive to create with redoubled forces.

3. In the band is 7 members, do you quarrel sometimes?
Sure! Creative people are always very vulnerable and sometimes selfish. It’s a real art to find compromises, but we are all friends, so it’s easier. It’s important to realize that we are all working on a common cause and purpose.

4. Are you planning to shoot a music video to promote your album?
Yes, we are planning. Don’t sure what song it will be, but it’s really time to do that! I hope we’ll make a video till the end of this year.

5. What about the tour? Do you have visiting Poland in this year?
Not yet. We want to make tour, but nothing concrete at the moment. But we are always opened for all offers!

6. Could you tell a little bit about the quests, who appear on your album: Max Morton and Anastasia Simanskaya?
Max Morton is our precious sound engineer, which mixed an album. He is also multimusician and vocalist in his power-metal band named Morton. We thought that his voice will perfectly fit in one of our songs, and offered him the duo. He listened to this song and liked it, so he agreed) Also he recorded male parts of our choir, so his participation is really considerable and valuable. As for Anastasia, she is my old friend and classmate in Conservatory, and a very talented singer. Metal fans knows her as a voice of Citadel band, which now is not existing. She has crystal soprano coloratura with ultraboundary upper range of notes. We can say, that it was a first metal song with her after a long time.

7. How you evaluate metal scene in Russia? Do you have a lot of Festivals in your country? How it looks?
It’s always believed that musicians in Russia are not capable to make a high-quality metal, and except for a few groups who could be counted on fingers of one hand, there was no one to listen to. Especially it concerned metal bands with female vocals. But in last years the situation have been changed, and now I see a lot of interesting bands around, which are able to compete with foreign colleagues. We have some metal/rock festivals, yes. But only a few of them collected a lot of people from all over Russia, because the organizers invite foreign headliners. But it seems that local governments are not very fond of such events, because it is often requires large investments and infrastructure, and coupled with fees to artists such festivals are not paid off. We haven’t only metal festivals, or it’s so deep local, that I don’t know about them) It’s easier to go to Finland or Estonia, for example.

8. Do you know any Polish metal bands? If so, what do you think about them? Lemme think… Honestly I’m not a specialist in polish metal, but I’ve heard such band as Victorians, Via Mistica and Delight. I know that Victorians played at MFVF festival in last year, and I really like their album! Thank you for the nice questions!