Samu (Sunrise Avenue) (ang)

Interview with Samu (Sunrise Avenue) 07.12.2011r.


You brought out the special addition of out of style about one week ago. What leds you to this?
Samu: Actually we had been having fun with different versions of the new album’s songs and our record company asked if we would like to record some of the versions they heard us play. They just booked us a studio without a producer, so it was the most relaxing session ever with the boys. We just had fun. The result is kind of an accident.

What caused that you’ve chosen Somebody Help Me for the next single?
There is also the softer side in Sunrise Avenue and we wanted to show that to the public. Everyone in our team just loved this slower track on the album and after two up-tempo songs we wanted to go out with a slower one.

Where did you found the idea for the video „I don’t dance”? Have you pattered on something?
Actually the idea came from the director Mr. Misko Iho. There is a clear disco vibe in the song and it’s great that he wanted to capture that mood. I love the story around the video instead of having a typical rock performance that most of the bands always use.

Are you keen on fashion or climate of 60,70 years?
Not at all. Some leather jackets were cool back then and of course the ladies makeup, but the rest is pretty awful and funny.

Do you think to record new album?
Some day yes. I just came back from London writing and recording some new demos, but now it’s far too early to even think about any schedules. I think the first time we’ll really have time to think about new releases is later next year.

What do you think about recording your next album on the vinyl?
Well… You never need to think about that when you record the music. You can release the stuff on vinyl too if you feel like it at the end. I am personally a digital music format guy. The sound is just so much better.

Have you ever thought about solo project?
Sometimes, but there’s no time really right now. I would like to make an album in Finnish on my own some day, but that will not happen in the near future. Maybe something a bit more folkish.

Do you think you will be in the same please, in the next 15 years play the same kind of music?
If I am, I am the luckiest guy on the planet. You should not think about things too far in the future. Just do your best and live in the moment. That’s all you can do. Maybe I am sick and tired of the whole music industry by then, you never know. In that case I’ll be doing something completely different.

When. Jukka Backlund left your band, you are quartet and Osmo Ikonen is on trial time. Are you going to take his as permanent basis?
There is no need. Osmo has already a million things going on and it’s easier for us if we can keep the keyboard slot open. Osmo will be with us very much in the future too, but there will also be other guys with the keys. That is a healthy situation.

Samu can you tell how you write a song. For example, do you sit at home or rather go somewhere?
Usually I write stuff on my home sofa. That is a magic place. The band trips are also very inspiring. All the songs happen in different situations. The night is usually the best time to get creative.

What do you think about Poland? Maybe you have some funny situations there?
It’s been nice coming over there and I only wish we could have more club / small arena shows there. The fans have been super supportive all the way and we’d like to pay back to them with a great concert. Or many great concerts. Even the Polish traffic has been working great the last few times.

Maybe you know some polish word food or polish bands?
I must be honest. I don’t know any Polish bands and actually I can’t name any Polish foods either. The local Vodka has been pretty good.

Do you remember any funny stories with fans?
A lot has happened with the fans especially since we very often meet the people after the shows if we have time. Those meetings are always a mess but most of the people know how to behave at these events.

Who you wanted to be when you were a child? Have you ever dream that you will be a rock star?
I told my first girl friend at age of 9, that someday I will play my guitar and all the girls in the world will clap their hands. I was already then a bit silly…;) To be honest, I have always liked being me – in the healthy way. I am myself and there’s nothing I can do about it. The only thing I can do is to work hard and make the best out of every challenge i face.


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