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Interview with Reckless Love 22.02.2011r.

Reckless Love

On the beginning Reckless Love was Guns n’ Roses cover band. Then you changed band name and start to create own music, glam metal. Now you’re famous. Can you tell how did you do that, especially now when electronic music is so popular? What it your formula for success?
Yes. Basically, we were a Gn’R tibute band, athough we did play other bands’ covers too. That was the very beginnings of our band, still far far from reaching the band identity that we eventually found. We spent and invested literally years in the refining of what Reckless Love is all about. And all that work payed off when we finally released our first album, which got a great deal of exposure. I still don’t think we’re that famous, though; I mean, it’s not like our songs have been up on the Billboard charts yet, you know? And our goals are set super high, so you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! But to get back to the question, I think these days you need to have a concept and an image so strong that it allows you to leap above the competition, cause there are gazillions of bands out there and the web makes it easy to get some exposure. But most importantly: I think our songs are strong, and that’s what it’s all about in the end!

How can you describe Reckless Love music for people who have never heard Reckless Love?
Reckless Love is a super-charged injection of good times to the rock ‚n’ roll scene of the early 21st century. Our music is best described as Merry Metal!!!

Some people think that glam is trashy. What do you think about it? What it means for you?
There’s a scene for that, yeah. And we have some of that sleaze in us too, no doubt about it. But what I don’t like about the connotations associated with it is that in the sleaze and trash scene playing ability and talent are not especially appreciated. It’s got everything to do with punk. We, on the other hand, value the ‚tricks of the trade’. All our heroes were virtuosos and could show off with their instruments if they wanted to. It’s all part of the fun in music. And that’s the world we are coming from.

Now you’re on tour again, what are good and bad points of living on tour?
I don’t see a bad side to it. I love touring. Of course, it’s hard work n’ all, but this is what we’ve wanted to do since we were kids, so I see touring as livin’ the dream. Interacting with the fans and getting an enthusiastic reaction from the crowd is the biggest high a musician can get.

You’ve performed many shows outside of Finland. Is there still any place where you would like to play?
The whole world!!!! We’ve only been to few countries in Europe and also to Japan so there’s a whole lot of territories for us to conquer. We have only taken the first steps in touring the world. The demand has been overwhelming – we get mail from fans and promoters around the world all of the time. And yes, we want to go everywhere, but it all takes so much time. At the moment, we are making the second album back home in Finland, so we’re going to concentrate on that while playing shows here at home. We’ll look at the overseas side of things when the time is right again. And it will be!

Are you planning another gigs outside of Finland?
Of course! We really wanna reach new ground, and the fun part is that there is so much work to do and so many steps to climb. You never get bored when you set your goals high!

Because of tour you’re spending a lot of time in the tourbus. How you while away the hours on way from one gig to another?
Watch DVDs, read books, listen to music, WRITE music. Or just sleep! When you need to be at your best at night, every night, many times in a row, you usually spend your days mostly re-charging your batteries.

Which one of Reckless Love songs are you singing/playing favorite and why?
For me, it changes from show to show, and it actually depends on the audience reaction. That’s where you get the energy from. In different countries and territories different songs work better. And well, I love all our songs, so I’ll let the audience decide which one works best on a particular night.

How do you form all of your songs? Does anybody just write the lyrics while jamming the song gets to life or how do you do that?
Actually, our songwriting has been very stripped down of late. The basic song idea usually comes with just an acoustic guitar and a melody. For us, the melodies come first. And if a song works on an acoustic guitar, it will definitely work with a full band firing on all cylinders!!

What is the worst/funniest thing which happened to you on stage?
Actually, it’s getting to the stage where things can be even more Spinal Tap! We’ve been trapped in elevators and lost backstage trying to find the stage, but the strangest show we’ve ever played was outside in -20 celcius. We were promised proper heating for the stage but we got basically nothing! Playing in that cold a temperature can get a bit tricky haha!!

Now you’re all well-known, and many magazines are writing abort you. What is the strangest rumour which you read abort yourself?
Nothing too strange .. it’s all true, haha!!!

Is there anyone you would like to cooperate? Any band?
Well…. there are many bands we look up to, like Van Halen, Def Leppard & KISS to name a few……. a support slot for one of those giants would be a welcome thing!

On your twitter you mentioned about the new demo which will be the next Reckless Love single. Can you tell more abot it?
All I can say at this moment is that it’s gonna be something HOT!

If you could be one character from horror movie or fairytale. What would it be and why?
Well, I do relate a lot to Batman, cause he’s kind of a split personality. He’s really a millionaire like me haha and at night-time he goes out and rocks the hell out of people!

Is there anything what you would like to tell your polish fans? Maybe you know something about Poland or know some polish words?
Hello Polish fans! I haven’t been to your country yet, but I hear it’s a beautiful place!
And Reckless Love will surely be coming your way real soon! Rock on!!!

What are your plans for the near future now?
Right now, we’re concentrating on the second album while touring in Finland. After we get the album done, we will keep on touring extensively and Poland will be right on our radar!!!!!!

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