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Interview with Private Line 3.12.2010r.

Private Line

Fans could listen few of your songs from Dead Decade on your gigs. And what you can tell about rest of your new songs? What we can expect from your new album? Are any changes?
It’s some sort of concept album. The stories behind are quite dark, but that doesn’t mean the music would be so the whole time. It’s energetic, big and bold. It’s shows what Private Line is good about; big melodic tunes and pure rock attitude.

Many Private Line fans couldn’t wait to hear your new songs, when they can expect your new album?
In this time we want the album to be available for all the fans around the globe at the same time. That means we have to organize the schedules tight with different labels. Right now it seems it will be out in March 2011, but before that you’ll get the new single with a video. We’re also making some rehearsing/studio video bootleg to the internet for help the fans waiting.

Have you ever been in Poland? Or maybe you know any polish sentences or words or phrases?
Nope, sorry. Hopefully we’ll come to play there some day!

You have many support on myspace, also polish, what do you think about people who are creating Private Line supports (and what it means for you)?
I think it’s awesome! It’s really helpful and very touching to see how much people are willing to do for supporting us! The fans are the one of the main reasons we’re doing this whole thing.

Which one of Private Line songs are you singing/playing favorite and which one you don’t like and why?
It changes all the time. It depends on the mood… I always like „Billion Star Hotel”. We haven’t played „Forever and a Day” a lot lately because some of the guys don’t like it so much.. I can stand behind every songs we’ve made, but you can’t play all the songs in a one gig…

If you could make a film based on your songs, what kind of movie it would be?
It would be about the young punks trying to fight against the evil forces ; )

You’ performed many shows outside of Finland. After release new album are you planning visit another countries?
Yes, of course we start the tour outside the Finland too after the release. Don’t know when and where yet.

What was your most unforgettable concert your own or someone else’s?
There’s so many good memories from so many good gigs that I can’t pick one right now.

What’s the craziest moment you?ve experienced or seen when playing live or being in studio?
We’re really focused on doing our job when we’re in the studio. No fooling around when we’re working. We take it seriously. Back in 2005 when we played in Venice Rock, Italy, there were a huge storm and lightning all the time. We played only 4 songs before the organizer had to stop the show because it got too dangerous… We would have continued… The view from stage was amazing.

Are you dreaming about any special gig? Any festival, country etc.
Yes. I’m looking forward to it.

Many of your fans treat ‚Broken Promised Land’ like Private Line hymn, and what do think about that song?
I really like the song even I think our anthem is still „Making a mess since 77”

You are typical rockman or you?re romantic? What is romanticism for you?
Both. I’m kind of guy who thinks that love can heal anything…

What is your favorite fairytales from your childhood?
Do you count Robin Hood or Tarzan? I was into comics…

It’s Christmas soon. How Finnish people spent Christmas? Do you have any Christmas traditional dishes in Finland?
People get together with their families, eat, gifts and so on…

Before Christmas in Poland children get small gifts also at 6th December and how it is in Finalnd?
They do not get gifts before christmas. We have an independence day in the 6th.

Do you have any dreams for christmas?
Normally I’ve been in somewhere south or east in christmas. Last year I was in Thailand. I haven’t spend the tradition christmas for about 7 years. But This year I will be in Finland and have a full set of finnish christmas trads.

So what are your plans for the near future now?
Rehearsing with Private Line, doing some producing for some other artists and getting ready for the release of the „Dead Decade” and the tour after!

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