First, tell me what did push you into direction to setting up own band? How Payload was born?
Risto: I had known Vic for a long time and we had long talked about how we had been involved in music and how fun it would be to have a band. In the spring of 2008 we were on a boat cruise, sitting at the bar looking at the party band that was playing and they absolutely sucked, so we looked at each other and simultaneously said „we can do better”. In the summer that year I moved to Helsinki and it came to pass that I bought a guitar and ended up calling Vic saying it’s time to do something about the band since I came home with a 6-string.

Not long ago Mika Mönkkönen, your new drummer joined to band. How did you meet? And maybe you organised casting for the new drummer?
Vic: We had an open search for a new drummer and had multiple candidates who applied to the post. After going through all the candidates and talking with them through e-mails we ended up having auditions and Mika was the best candidate.

Is it true, that your debut album will be released soon? If yes, tell me something about it. Have Payload’s musical taste changed since your last EP was released in 2010? So your music as well? What me and your fans can expect for your new compositions?
V: It’s true, the album will be released during the spring of 2013. It’s pretty much a cross-section of our music from the beginning to this day. Our taste in music hasn’t really changed that much, our songs have maybe become a bit more straight-forward and the new songs are a bit shorter, but you can’t archive it into one category, as there is a variety in it. The biggest change in the older songs is that they’ve been re-arranged to 1 guitar.

Who in the band is responsible for music and lyrics? How did your work on the new Payload album/songs proceed?
V: I do most of the composing and Risto writes most of the lyrics. Of course there are some exceptions and sometimes the whole band is involved in arranging the songs but mostly it’s me with the music and Risto with the lyrics.

It’s interview for Polish website BloodArt, so I had to ask you also about Poland. So, do you know any Polish words or bands? Do you know do you have Polish resilient working Payload Support here?
Iikka & V: We really don’t know much about Poland, but would love to come and learn in the near future. We do have a street team in Poland, run by Emila Urusow.
R: I know some cities and have seen pictures of the architecture. I also appreciate the food.

Gigs, gigs, that is what almost every metal band likes. Where in nearest future fans will be able to see you? Or maybe you’re going to come to Poland?
R: We’d love to come to Poland!

Do you have any bands except Payload? Or maybe you had before Payload?
V: We’ve all been involved in music before in different setups, but now Payload is the only band for all of us.

You’re metalheads, so for sure you’re listening exactly metal. Are you inspirited or listening any other genres like: dark ambient or folk?
I, V, R: We listen to all kinds of music, not just metal. Having a wide taste in music is beneficial also with the different influences you can get. We prefer listening to good songs regardless of the genre or band.

What do you want to tell the word by Payload’s music? Do you have any motto, which you want to pass people in the whole world?
V: We don’t have a motto or a particular theme, but all our songs are about real life. We don’t sing about swords and magic. The upcoming album will be quite society-critical, while addressing also some intersocial issues.

Four handsome man in the band, tell me, are you jealous sometimes about who of you met more fans after gig and asked for an autograph or photo?
R: We’re a close-knit bunch, so there’s no jealousy or envy in the band. Besides, Vic is the only single and gets all the ladies! The rest of us are just happy for him 😛

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