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Interview with Otto Dix 29.03.2011r.

Otto Dix

At the end of 2010, your new album „Wonderful Days” was released, what can you say about this CD? Is this album a continuation of „Zone Of Shadows” from 2009 or something entirely different?
Michael Draw
: It is the continuation. All our albums are the parts of endless story. First it w the beginning of everything – „Ego”, inner world. Then -„City”, the world which is around a person. Then – „Nuclear Winter”, the destruction of the both. Then – „Zone of Shadows”, the Word after. Then – „Wonderful Days”, the new world after „Zone of Shadows”.

The video promoting your album for the song „Beast” is filled with eroticism, where did the idea come from? Apparently you had a small budget for this video is that true?
The idea belongs to me. I wanted to make a real vaudeville and to tease the fans and the enemies. I guess, I was successful in it. Title of our new song promoting new album means „Beast”. The inner hidden beast, the repudiated „alter ego” of a person. It is a song and a video about people who are afraid of being themselves and who are afraid of people, who are earnest to themselves. As for the budget, it was not so small for the video of officially underground band.

Are you planning release next single?
In Russia singles are not popular and not usual. We never released the singles.

And how you’re creating a new album? usually you’re creating firstly lyric and then music or vice versa? And what is priority for you: music or lyrics?
Usually Slip composes the music, and then I write the lyrics. But lotsof songs were written vice versa – first the text and then the music, sometimes the text was written several years before the band started. Sometimes I also advise Slip to change some parts of the instrumental, sometimes Slip asks me to remove words, which are too rude to his mind. We are very flexible and always work in tandem.

Certainly many time you had to answer this question, but in Poland, many of your fans wondering why you’re creating in Russian? Is it because it’s easier to write to you in your native language, or perhaps because they want to stand out against other bands performing music darkwave?
The main reason is of course „the easiest way”. It is easier to write texts in your native language. You always feel your native language better. And the next reason is my opinion, that the Russian language is not worse than English or German, it has its own unique beauty, melody and rhythm. And besides, it suites my voice and our music.

Many people believe that during your concerts the most important is the show, and the second music. Is it true?
For many people it’s true, I believe. But for other the music is more important. My opinion is, that our live performances are like ballet – the combination of music and show.

After your gig at Castle Party in 2010, many people wanted to see you again in Poland and is there any chance that it will be possible this year?
Unfortunately, we will not come to Castle Party-2011 (we were too late with our request). But we plan tour in the autumn.

You’re pretty popular band, after all, is there any band that you would like support or just go on a tour?
I personally would like to play with „Deine Lakaien”.

What was your funniest moments on stage?
There were plenty of such moments. I remember funny but not very pleasant one. It was in Minsk, Belorussia. One drunk guy jumped on the stage and grabbed my genitals and shouted – „Are you a boy or a girl?!” Of course, he was removed from the stage immediately, and I guess, he was satisfied : – )

You have a lot of fans in Poland, Germany, ect. Did you think, that your site should be available also in English for non-Russian fans?
We have official fan-site in English: and German fan-site:

Do you have any other bands / activities except Otto Dix?
No, we have only Otto Dix.

What’s the strangest rumor you’ve heard that about you?
They all are connected with sex : – )

Do you want to tell something yours Polish fans?
Women, be happy! : – )



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