Otto Dix

1. On Facebook, I noticed the campaign, where you raise the money for your new 9th album "Leviathan". Say something more about that and give the link please, to this campaign for everyone, who will want to support you. 

Michael Draw: Here it is:

We finally decided to try this new opportunity, which is so popular among different musicians. As many other musicians we have problems with free download of our music, but every group needs money for work in the studio and for the CDs’ release. So we hope our fans and people who got to know us for the first time will help us. We prepared different presents for sponcors: CDs (of course), T-shirts and even paintings by me and my partner Slip. We not only musicians but also painters.

2. 9th album – a new challenge for the Otto Dix. Tell us about the inspirations for the new album and what we can expect on the "Leviathan"?

I love see very much. And there are some people who have ocean in their eyes. We are all children of ocean which went to the shore and became us just to know itself with our minds. This is my inspiration for the lyrics. As for the music, Slip found his inspiration in minimal industrial and in neo-classic.

3. The new album is coming soon, but what about the tour? Where we can to see the Otto Dix live in the coming months? In Poland maybe?

We hope, that we still will have our concerts in Germany and Switzerland this autumn. Unfortunatelly we have no local promoters in Poland ☹

4. When we'll can to listen to the first single from upcoming album? 

There is one live song from the St.Petersburg’s concert “Rain over the Ocean”, soon we will record it in studio.

5. Otto Dix was formed in 2004 and your music is defined as darkwave, avant-garde and electro. Do you noticed a change in these genres of music by these all years? How do you think, the young people, which want to play the music like darkwave, avant-garde ect. they have the hard way to overcome or maybe nowadays is easier?

I think that it is much easier to do electronic music now, because there are thousands of YouTube lessons and lots of soft. But it is much harder to promote any kind of music without money, because there is a real informational overload. An average person is fed up with information and you need to be REALLY and VERY persistent to get your public. But if you know all those internet technologies, you may get popularity faster and easier. I don’t know how to do it, I’m a person of “Paper Affiche” Generation.

6. Your all lyrics are in Russian, why? You didn't think about singing in English? 

From the first time we’ve been in Europe we were strongly asked to translate our songs to English or German. But I believe, that the real soul of lyrics is in the original language. Besides, I always show some pantomime which explains the common sense Still, music is the universal language of Universe.

7. Otto Dix is very popular in Poland. You have a many fans here, but unfortunately is very hard to buy here your albums. Why? Why your albums are not available in Poland?

As I know, our CDs can be found at Dance Macabre Records: , also at and at . Yes, I know, that it is not easy to find our CDs in shops, it is very sad. And by the way, I still keep pillow presented by Polish fans in 2009 (Castle Party), with words “From Poland with Love”.  

8. What are the nearest plans of Otto Dix?

Work for the new album “Leviathan”, new videos, new novels (yes, we are musicians, painters and also writers) and taking part in festivals in Switzerland and Germany. Nocturnal Culture Night 10 September and Goethes Erben + Otto Dix – 17 September  Stay goth 😉 From Russia with love!