Otivm – Sever The Sun (ang)

 Otivm – Sever The Sun

1. A Heap Of Broken Images
2. Idols Of Ashes
3. Portrait
4. Silence And Awakening
5. The Dividing Veil

Before I began listening Otivm’s Ep I was convinced, that some band from Italy can’t surprise me anything, just copying known musicians, no fresh, or interesting melodies and ideas.
You don’t know how much I was wrong. My face after first sounds of ‚A Heap of Broken Images’ looked like face of 5 year-old child at the sight of a large portion of ice cream with whipped cream:) From loudspeakers resonated bright, sometimes violent sounds. Growl cleverly mixed with a gentle voice, which in this case is not just background or interesting addition, it?s more intentional move perfectly composed into acuity sharp guitars and drums. It is like the angel?s voice, which instead of invites us to cross the gates of heaven, encourages us to experience abyss of hell. So, with every sound we descend lower and lower until the last circle. Next there is a moment when we come back and begin this amazing journey again. And through this whole journey accompany us, besides angelic vocals and growling which here is like yell of Lucifer, brutal, strong sounds which are cleverly mixed with lighter sounds of guitar and humble drums.
However, if you expect to mawkish, banal love songs you can be a bit disappointed, because Otivm?s lyrics are a bit philosophical, mystical and filled with many dark, metaphors. „Sever The Sun” is an EP, which is mostly recommend to people who liked the musical experiments, people who want and who are not afraid of exploring new sounds, here such a sounds are in abundance. Otivm mix here with jazz, exotic sounds, and I would say even grunge in the background. I don?t know if it was intended or not, but it is all to the good. EP contains 5 tracks: „A Heap Of Broken”, „Idols Of Ashes”, „Portrait”, „Silence And Awakening” and „The Dividing Veil.” Five really good songs, which will stuck in your mind for a long time.


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