Marcus of Souldrainer

Interview with Marcus of Souldrainer 02.01.2012r.

Let’s talk about your new album, Heaven’s gate. Could You tell me more about how this album was created?

Marcus: The songs was written during a period of a couple of years. We work on songs from time to time and we have not yet written any songs in the studio. Most of the times everything is planned before we record them. Half of the songs on Heaven’s Gate didn’t have lyrics when we started to record them. This made the recording process long because I had to write so many lyrics. I promised myself that on the next album everyhting should be written completely before we start to record them.

Do You plan make video for some songs from the album? If yes, who will be handle direct the clip?

We don’t have a plan for recording more videos for Heaven’s Gate. We made a studio video for the track Heaven’s Gate and I don’t know if we will make one more. We would love to make one ofcourse! We will put something exciting online at YouTube during January if everything goes as planned!

Which of played gigs You regard as most important and why?

All our gigs are equally important, but the first gig I made as the vocalist was successful and we received many promising words so that felt important.

Do You plan to play gig in Poland ?

Nothing booked at the moment but we are looking into it. Let all your promotors know that you want us there so they know they should book us!

How would You describe your album, Heaven’s gate people who do not have the opportunity to listen to it yet?

It’s a death metal album, full of melodies and awesomeness. It’s not a traditional Swedish Melodic Death Metal album, it’s heavy and has a lot of atmosphere in it. Definately worth checking out!

Album Heaven’s gate is receives a very good reviews from music critics. Can You say what it mean for us ? or it mobilize You to continue work or rather You think, that now You don’t have to work on Souldrainer’s music?

We really love to hear that many like our music. We are always working on Souldrainer and new songs has already been written. We want our next album to be as good or even better if possible.

I wonder how old were You, when You began listening to metal music and play the instruments?

I can only speak for myself and I started listening to metal when I was 12 years old. The first CD I bought was Covenant by Morbid Angel. The first metal album ever was Altars Of Madness and Blessed Are The Sick on vinyl. At the same age I got my first guitar and started writing songs. A couple of years later joined a band playing Metallica covers.

What were the differences between working on the album Reborn and Heaven’s gate?

First of all we had grown as a band and we had more experience in recording and performing. Reborn was the first album I ever recorded for my self and we had no idea if it would work at all. It turned out great after all. Heaven’s Gate has better songs and better arrangements that will work better on stage. We had a better goal and knew how to reach it when we recorded Heaven’s Gate.

There is this belief, that in lyrics of a metal bands must be some a message, and do You have also this massage for your fans and other people?

I have no message to the fans in the lyrics. I write about what fascinates me and want I like. That’s why you can read about many different themes between the songs. They are mostly about religion, war, science fiction, real life and death.

At the end tell me, do You know any Polish words, or Polish bands?

No words, sorry, but I know bands of course! You have some of the best bands I think! Vader, Behemoth, Decapitated. They all have similar style that identifies them as polish bands.

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