Liquid Grey

Atharjatha: At the beginning, I would like you to be moved until 2011, at which released the album „Grey Matter.” Which combines elements of gothic and electronics. In the music industry there are many bands, that play this kind of music. Was you not afraid, that the album will go unnoticed? What makes in your opinion, that this album is different from many others in the genre?
Mr.Liquid Grey: Hello Atharjatha, nice to meet you! This is a very interesting question, you are right when you say that there are many bands out there playing various  gothic genres  but i am very confident about my work and i never feel threatened  because my music is based on skill, and inspiration while many other aritsts today just follow a trend complete with the right clothes, makeup and hairstyles…… i knew that my approach was very different , today  with the advance of  technology many bands tend to sound too  alike simply because they rely too much on various software and editing tools that we all tend to  use nowadays, instead of focusing on writing good songs and play their instruments well , I always do things my way and never follow the stream…………..

A: What can you tell us about collaboration in 2011 between Liquid Grey and Ghostfog? How did this collaboration, and will be it continue someday?
: I have always been a fan of industrial , ambient and experimental music and   I felt the need for a sideproject, in order to imrpovise a bit and work in another way, which is very refreshing, a little  break from the recordings of my solo album. We did the first album titled ” The desert ” and we have talked about doing some more in the future, when we both feel like it and have the time for it.

A: Liquid Grey, the project of one man, would you not increased this project about additional members? Or rather, do you think, you make everything better yourself and you don’t need other musicians?
: When i first started writing the songs that would become the tracks on ” Grey Matter ” the idea was to make some demos and then invite a few of my talented friends to participate and play on the  record but one was busy recording, the other one was on tour so i kept working alone with the intention of just making the songs ready for them but i started to like more an more the freedom as well as the challenge of playing all the instruments, writing and singing all the songs myself  so  i just continued doing it. After all these years of playing in many bands it felt like a fresh new start to play without discussing things with  others, without arguing and without depending on anyone about anything. Freedom is a very seductive thing.

A: Now, you’re in the studio, where you working on the new album. Can you tell something about it? The new album will be similar to the debut album? Maybe on your secound album we’ll can hear some guests or the tracks on the album will be in Norwegian?
: You are very well informed, yes, i am making the new album as we speak and i am very excited about it. I do not want to reveal too much and spoil the surprise but i can say that the second album takes everything to a whole new level, in a way the previous album is my tribute to all the gothic bands i grew up with and it also contained some traces of the direction that i  would follow in the future   while  the new album brings all my influences to 2013 , up close and  in a very direct   manner. There will be some very exciting guest spots from some of my friends too, which i will announce very soon . Singing in Norwegian as well as in other languages is definately an interesting idea, i have been thinking about perhaps doing some different remixes at some point, so why not try some other languages too?

A: How did your adventure with music? In what moment of life you realized that music is what you want to do?
Mr. Grey
: Oh, that happened very early on, the first seeds were planted by my father who had  classical music training and he inspired me to start playing , then i picked up the guitar ,started playing in bands and by the time i finished school i was already working fulltime with music. Following and manifesting your true will in life is essential, for me the call of music was undeniable.

A: Do you planning plays gigs?
Mr.Grey :
Yes, as soon as i am finished with the album i want to make a few plans about performing live. I really feel like putting together a very special live  band, with some of the best players that i know. I love the raw energy of playing live, face to face with our friends out there and i hope that i can find a way to bring LIQUID GREY closer to as many people as possible.

A: Where did the idea to create the Liquid Grey? Somebody you persuaded to create such a project, or just you wanted to something do your own?
Mr.Grey :
As i said earlier i have played in many bands through the years and i felt like doing something different, something personal, a true solo project where i would have the opportunity to show my songwriting as well as my guitar playing  and singing skills. The name ” Liquid Grey ” comes from an unpublished song of mine and it describes me and my music very well ……

A: Liquid Grey is your only project, or we can hear you somewhere else?
Mr.Grey :
LIQUID GREY is my solo project and you can listen to Thornfields as well which is the sideproject that you mentioned earlier, in the last year i have been invited to play  guitar for other artists  as a  guest  on  albums that will be released in the near future .  In my musical past i have done other things as well   but they have very little relevance today. Releasing my own work is my top priority but  I am always open to the possibility of a collaboration with other people that i like.

A: Because this is an interview for the Polish website, I would like ask you: do you know something about our country? Maybe you know any Polish bands, or words?
: I love Polish people, they are some of the nicest people that i have met and i know quite a bit about Poland, since i am very interested in European history . Poland is a very interesting country with a long history . I sincerely hope that i can come and play for you over there. Any words in Polish?  Of course i learn first all the dirty words that my friends from Poland have taught me through the years but i always forget them!

A: At the end, do you want tell something to your fans?
Mr.Grey :
A very big thank you to the fans of my music for their support and dedication in the last two years which  has been warm and  overwhelming . I regard all LIQUID GREY friends as a part of  my extended music family, and i hope that i can get to meet and greet each and every one of you in the future! Thanks my friends, stay true!