Kosti Amurin (ang)

Interview with Kosti Amurin 23.09.2010r.

Kosti Amurin

You are playing in four bands, do you think you will find time for it? And what about private life, do you think you will reconcile playing in four bands with private life?
Yes, sometimes it is a little difficult to reconcile all the rehearsals and timetables with the different bands ’cause everybody tend to get more busy in their lives when gettin’ older, you know. But at the moment it’s possible to play in all four bands ?cause some of them are less active than the others. And I hope that the active tour periods or studio stuff hits in different time between all the bands. When I’m not working with music or my day (night) job, I spend that private life time, what ever it is, but I’m lovin? to do the shows!

Nevertheless, I’m curious what you are doing when you have some free time between rehearsals and gigs.
Mostly I’m just hanging at home with PS3, computer, TV or some instrument. Another nice stuff to do is go to the pub and make your self comfortable, you know what I mean.

Why did you decide to be guitarists? What was your inspiration?
Hmm.. I was interested to playing guitar or drums when I was around 8 yrs old. My parents kinda of choose guitar ’cause it’s less noisy. But the inspiration was bands like Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Skid Row etc. which came in to my life in that era. The way Joe Perry looks on the stage or in the videos when he?s playing was something that filled up my mind and I couldn?t turn back. And there was also that spot in the movie ‚Back To The Future’ where Marty McFly plays Johnny B Goode in the 1955 and when I saw that, I was like ‚man, someday I want to do that!’, and I did. In fact Eddie Van Halen plays that guitar part in the real life.

Did you have, as a child, any idols among guitarists? Do you have any now? Or maybe you respect any guitarist?
Yes I had and I still have. Like I said, Joe Perry is something so cool, but one of my top favourite guitarists is Nuno Bettencourt. Ok, he’s kinda of virtuoso guitarist with the great picking touch and guitar sound, but he?s also awesome singer, producer and songwriter (and good lookin’ ;). And I have to name one Finnish guitarist, called Ben Granfelt whose playing has had affect to my playing too. Of course there?s other guitarists too whom I respect.

Is there any guitar riff which you regret that you didn?t compose?
Maybe regret is not right term to use, but sure there?s a lot of riffs and songs that I wish I have made. But I’m pleased that I’ve heard ’em and I’ve a chance to produce my own music.

Mostly you are known as guitarist of White Flame, but I know you are playing also in bands: Ke!vottomat and Me & My Monkeys the Band. Can you tell something about that two bands?
Well, Ke!vottomat is Finnish-language rock’n’roll band with the nice taste of humor. Its purpose is make a honour to older the ‚good old Fin-rock’ and make positive vibes to all the people. Me&My Monkeys the Band, is just a cover band with two good singers, tight rhythm section and nice guitar player which plays all kinda of songs when the paycheck is correct, he-haa.

Now you are also guitarist of Flinch. What was beginnings of your cooperation?
Originally I was purpose to do only one gig, but I left with the good vibe from that show and guys dig what I did, so we decided to check out little more and here we are. It?s kinda of a sum of the coincidences, but I believe that we are able to do nice Finnish rock’n’roll out there.

What musical instruments do you play, except guitar of course?
Basic band instruments, more or less.

What was your most unforgettable concert of someone else’s and your own?
Luckily I’ve seen almost all my favourite bands and artist so there’s a lot of unforgettable concerts. There?s also lot of nice shows around Europe with own bands so it?s impossible to name one! Oh, whadda great memories.

Are you dreaming about any gig? I mean some festival, country etc.
Hmm.. It would be awesome to do all the biggest summer festivals firstly in Finland and of course around the world. I would like to do successful American tour too. Just a little wish.

What is your best and worst trait?
Dunno, maybe should ask someone else. Let’s just say, sometimes I’m a nice guy, sometimes I’m not.

What is your worst habit? 
No bad habits, only the good ones!

Have you ever been in Poland? Or maybe you know any polish sentences or words or phrases? 
Two times, the first was when drive trough the Poland to the central-Europe and the second when we came back home after 2 weeks later. So the main streets of Poland is little familiar to me.. neeh, not really, but I just remember that it was little difficult to deal with English there. Words, well, back of some truck was a text ?Jusu reklamoi..? or something like that and our driver was called ‚Jusu’ and ‚reklamoi’ means in Finnish that you’re giving kinda of negative feedback of something, usually to the company. So when something was incorrect on that tour, we always said, ‚Hey, Jusu reklamoi..’. I have no idea what the text really wanted to say.

Is there any question which you want to answer but interviewer have never asked you?
Hmm.. gotta think. Well, not really, but sometimes it would be nice to talk about my music and songs little deeper, you know. Or about technical stuff about guitar sound or playing, how I improve it and all the stuff what had happened in the studio while the records have done. You know, kinda of musician stuff too. Sorry, maybe this was a bit boring answer, but usually interviews are something else. Hey, I got one, ‚what would you like to drink, I’ll pay what ever you want’ 😉


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