Jussi Selo

Interview with Jussi Selo (Jussi Selo & Nefernefernefer) 22.02.2012

I can’t begin the interview differently than asking about the band name: Jussi Selo & Nefernefernefer.
Tell me, where did the idea for the bandname come from and would not it be better to just call the band: Nefernefernefer ?

Jussi Selo: the name of the band comes from a book called Sinuhe the Egyptian by Mika Waltari.
Nefernefernefer is a woman who Sinuhe falls for with fatal consequences.
The book is one of my favourites. You can also call our band Nefer for short if you want.

Watching these videos, people have the impression, that they are connected with each other, to create a one whole. Tell me please, where did the idea for these videos come from ?
Can we expect more music videos?

We made the videos with my good friends. Even before we has a recording contract I had decided, that I wanted the video for Nefernefernefer to be filmed in Egypt.
After long conversations in bars we decided on two videos and one story.

Reviewing tracklist on your debut album, I’ve noticed, that all the titles are in Finnish.
Does it mean, that You sing on the album only in that language ?
I’ll not deny, that when I’ve heard, that Jussi Selo has a 2nd band, I thought, that he will in sing in English.

It is easier for me to write songs in Finnish, so it was natural for me to continue doing so in my own language.

Your debut album „Jussi Selo&Nefernefernefer” will be released on March 7th 2012. Tell me please, what can we expect from this album, what styles of music, in which climate will be the album?

the album has hints of reggea, funk and „rautalanka” in it, but it is mainly Finnish pop music, that has been made with love, sweat and tears.

The band consists of 6 men. Did they all work on the album, or maybe the roles were split?
Who is responsible for the music, and who for the lyrics ?

We are a band. Together we have arranged the songs. I have composed and written the songs.

What exactly for You is Jussi Selo & Nefernefernefer ?

The hippies and musician bums of Tampere doing what they know best.

Could you tell us a few words about yourself and the guys from the band ?

Look at the previous answer :).

How did You get togheter Jussi Selo & Nefernefernefer ?

We all each other from before and I have been talking about working thogether with our drummer Alarik for a long time.
We searched for musicians from Tampere and it did not take long before we had found a group of guys from our vicinity.

Reading your page on facebook people can find the information, that you plan a tour?
Tell me please, whether the tour will include only Finland, whether fans will be able to see and hear you in other countries?

Our new website will be launched soon and we will do our best to have all information in English too.
The truth is, that touring abroad is almost impossible, because we don’t have a booking agent or an agency, that would have the nessecary contacts or resurces to take the band abroad.
We would be more than happy to tour in other countries.

Do any of you have any other projects outside the band Jussi Selo & Nefernefernefe?r If so, will they not disturb you in making current band ?

I am now concentrating on this project. I am always open to new interesting projects.
Maybe some day I’ll make a trans record or some kind of acid jazz.
You never know what the future brings.

Does the band Jussi Selo & Nefernefernefer is this a one-time adventure, or rather you think it will be band for years ?

I can’t say. I’ll continue working with this band as long as it’s fun.

Do You want tell something to Polish fans ?

I greatly appreciate, that you listen to Finnish bands and have found us at all.

Because this is an interview for the Polish page, at the end I have to ask you: have you ever been in Poland, do You know any Polish words or bands?

I have not yet visited Poland, but am sure to visit one day, because I love to travel.
I don’t think I know any bands from there or at least none come to mind right now.
Maybe I know some big bands from there, but I just don’t know they are from Poland.
Now you got me interested!

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