Jolene (ang)

Interview with Jolene 6.1.2012r.

Jolene was founded in the summer of 2010, tell me how did You meet guys, what was beginning of Jolene and how did You get band name Jolene?
Jani: Me and Johnny met through a friend and started to jam together. Not much later we started to make songs of our own, and the vision of a band we always wanted was born. As for the name, we wanted a girl’s name, and Jolene just popped to our heads.

I have to admit, that You have quite intriguing logo, who designed it?
Johnny: After we decided the name, I remembered that I’ve seen a great photo on a Queen’s tour backstage pass, which was printed on a VHS case. After that I sent it to my brother Mio -who is a painting artist- and he modified it for Jolene.

In 2011 your released an E.P: „Stalkers Have No Heart”, what You can tell me, about it?
: The E.P. was recorded live in studio in one day. I think we made a pretty good job considering the tight schedule. Although I’m not 100% satisfied with the result. There are some things I know we can do better.

On Your EP You’re singing only in English, are You planning in the future singing also in Finnish?
: No, for me, English language is better suited for making songs/lyrics.

Very often the bands at the beginning on their EP’s play cover songs, but on Your recorded is Your own four songs. Tell me, are You planning to record a cover, or maybe You will be record only Your own songs?
: We play a few covers live, but there’s really no point recording cover songs unless there is a unique idea for it.

Jani: I’m not into covering songs, you can so easily ruin the original idea of the song. I’d rather record my own music.

Tell me, where Your fans will be able to hear and see You in 2012 on the gigs?
: There are events coming later this year, check to get the latest news from Jolene.

Do You still have jitters stage fright before gigs? If yes, how do You manage with it?
: Only in a positive way. I’m more worried about the guitar amps and other stage technique.

Jani: There’s always little jitters before the gig, it’s what gives you the head rush.

Can You describe in a few words members of Jolene?
Johnny: We are all long term musicians with different musical backgrounds. But at the end of the day, we’re all happy of the things we’re doing in Jolene. Drummer Eric Harrison has played with us somewhat a year and he decided to leave the group, in his own words: „while he can”. So the last gig for him was in December and that’s it for him. We parted as friends. We’ll be announcing a new drummer shortly.

Because BloodArt is Polish website, tell me, do You know maybe some Polish words, or bands? and maybe You ever been in our country?
: All I know about Poland is a band called Paprika Korps. Never been to your country, I’m sure we’d all like to throw a gig there.

I’m curious with who, You would like to work on Your album in the future: with which musicians or producers?
: We had an idea about making a song with guest star musicians. To answer the question, there are many great musicians I would be happy to play with. For example, any member from Hanoi Rocks or The Rolling Stones will do.

What are You plans for the future and what is Your dreams?
Jani: At least one long play from Jolene. Touring Finland and hopefully abroad also.

Johnny: As a band, my somewhat realistic dream is to make a record that I can be completely proud and happy with. Hopefully we’ll get to tour abroad also. I’m trying to live one day at a time, so I don’t make plans even that far.

On Your fb you show Your fans cover of new promo DVD/Blu-Ray/CD – live at s-osis December 3.2011. Tell me, something about it. When you will release it? Will it be available also outsite Finland?
: It won’t be released, there were only a few copies made for promotional purposes. You can watch some clips from the DVD in

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