Interview with Victoria Mazze

You’re very busy person: singing, playing gigs/in movies, composing ect.
How do you manage all this things and how you find time on all of them?

It does get tricky. There is always an ache. Each of my ‘personas’ have their time to shine but it is never enough. When I begin working on a project I can’t stop. I become obsessive about that one thing, whether it be acting, directing, or songwriting. Everything else vanishes. I love writing music, but I will go months without songwriting because once I start, I can’t stop. My close friends won’t be able to find me. I don’t leave the house and I won’t even answer the telephone. I have always been strange this way. I do what I love and I don’t stop.

Which of these activities do you like the most, and which less?
Maybe all things passion you in the same degree?

I love creating art. Everything about it! (Except, I could probably live without the computer problems). I run towards creative challenges that drive my mind to the brink of insanity and back. Or maybe art has been my mind’s salvation. I’m pretty sure I have always been somewhat insane; depression and autism plague my family. Maybe I am just channeling that energy into something good. It is a chicken or the egg question I guess.

The Divine Madness is my soul; no question. While I probably love acting the most because it is so instantly gratifying and collaborative, The Divine Madness is the sincerest expression of my thoughts. A place for my ‘odd’ ideas that in life, people find too disturbing, confusing, uncomfortable, or are just too impossible for me to explain using language. My dreams are like Kurt Vonnegut books or Van Gogh paintings. They are often full, elaborately strange stories the length of a film. A lot of them are metaphorical horror. Usually I am not in them. I am just watching the story unfold. Other times, my dreams are windows into the future. The sixth sense into what is coming. The diversity of The Divine Madness gives me a place to house these thoughts, ideas, and dreams. They are safely tucked in their beds.

In what the movie can we see you recently and who you play there?
‘Tell us something about the role.

If you love The Divine Madness, the Gothic world, and old Tim Burton films, the film to watch for is ‘The Penny Dreadful Picture Show’. In it, I play Penny Dreadful. She is an animated doll brought to life. Her best friends are Dead Ned, a zombie, and Wolf Boy, a werewolf. This character was just magical for me to play. She is sweet but evil; innocent but self absorbed. She loves watching old horror films in her home, an old broken-down theater. She has learned from these films that if she wants to be a ‘real girl’, she must have the kiss of true love. So, she sets out on her quest. The story is witty, shocking, funny, charming, and just special. The director has described it as ‘Edward Scissorhands’ meets ‘Pee-Wee’s Playhouse’. I knew as we were filming that Penny was there with us. She wasn’t just a character, she was real. I knew and loved her inside and out. It is a must see! I think the trailer will be up online in a few weeks so definitely follow it on Twitter, join the Facebook group, and watch for it. I also portrayed the Wicked Witch of the West in a film called ‘The Witches of Oz’. What an interested role; those we some big shoes to fill! A classic movie villain. I wanted to make sure that I believed what she believed and that I wasn’t playing at anything. I was truly that bitter and angry at the world. Currently, I am filming a vampire action movie called ‘The Lost Girls’. It is a fantastic script. I play a vampire hunter that has traveled throughout time keeping vampires and other devious creatures in check. But, I can’t give away too much just yet!

I would like to ask you about acting. Do you use also your acting
skills a during concerts?

Probably. I don’t see acting as lying for a living like some might think:) Actually, I think the opposite of it. Being honest for a living. As actors, we unlearn the trained codes of social decency. Being ridiculous, outrageous, and publicly sexually charged now comes naturally to me; very strange, I know. The times when I feel most uncomfortable are actually the times when I have to hold back; everyday activities like the grocery store. Talking to ‘normal’ people about a cell phone bill!!! But then again, live is a stage.

Looking at your pictures, can draw a conclusion, that you’re
interested in Gothic, Gothic fashion, and it’s true?

I love Gothic fashion. I love the old-soul, yet taboo spirit about it. Today I was wearing a leather motorcycle jacket, red lipstick, and tall black boots. When I was younger, my extremely religious family would never let me get away with the tattoos, piercings, etc, so I became a Glitter Goth. I would wear white glittery boots, a vintage powder-blue trench coat with a white fur collar, big rhinestone clip-on earrings, butterfly patches all over my jeans, and white lipstick. It was a form of expression for me then, and still liberating for me today.

Do you spin things usually associated with a gothic stage for
example like: vampire?

In the song ‘Vampire’, the lyrics are about a personal experience. As your world is crumbling around you, you find yourself in a very dark place. You see people as monsters. Sometimes you see yourself as the monster. I just started writing this very love/hate story between two people that couldn’t live without each other even though there is so much pain between them. I found expression through the use of the vampire concept. No creature is more self loathing. I was going through something that was quite horrible and heartbreaking and the person that I hurt the most was the person that knew me the most. Isn’t it often true. But I don’t know, symbolism to me is everything. When something is literal, it is less universal. And what is real anyway?

What plans have The Divine Madness band? Maybe you record a new
album? The last album you released in 2008.

Yes. Since the last TDM album, ‘Neverworld’, I have recorded a few EDM tracks that have been fun as well as a film score that is a true labor of love. But I do have plans for an album this upcoming year. My brain is getting too full of chaos and I need to go into my treatment lab:)

On gothic stage, we have lots of Gothic bands with female vocals,
how your band wants to stand out from the crowd?

Lol! This is humorous to me because my problem in life and with the band has never been how to stand out from the crowd but that I am too different from the crowd. Because of the success of The Divine Madness and the loyalty of its fans, I received some record label interest pretty early on. I would go to these meetings, they would sit and listen through four, five, six full songs. They absorbed everything; staring off into the stars and imagery, never having heard anything exactly like it. They would tell me how much they loved the music and what parts were their favorites but then, they would start to tell me how to make a ‘hit’. How the mainstream audiences aren’t smart enough or deserving enough for real music. So, we probably won’t be signed any time soon. I will record EDM (electronic dance music) for fun, but I will never make The Divine Madness anything less than divine and mad.

Do you know any Polish bands? Or maybe you were once in Poland?

I didn’t think I had heard any, so I am currently listening to Pustki! This is fantastic! You have started me on a journey and now I won’t be able to stop! I haven’t made it over to Europe yet, just North America and South America, but when I do, I would love to visit Poland. Thanks for the interview. And kisses to Poland from Wonderland!