Interview with Twolslide

When you change a singer you began to play the music, which you love or maybe you’re playing a new music, music, which suggested you, your new vocal?
Antti: We’re playing the kind of music everybody likes and the voice of
our new singer just brings out new shades in our music because his voice
suits this kind of music so well.

I’ll not hide, that I’m not a big fan of punk-rock music, but you’re
band, that plays this kind of music and I’m sure you loves it and of course
listens this music.
How you could me and  other people to encourage to listen and learn with
that music ?

June: Just be open-minded and turn the volume up to ten!
Shyboy: i would say just stop being a pussy and grab that bottle!
Jone: I would not call our music punk! For example Cesti hates punk! Of
course our music is strongly influensed by punk due to the fact that the 4
other in this band love punk 😀  But our music is a mix of all of our
musical influenses.

Can you tell me, who in Twolslide band write lyrics and who composes
music ?  And maybe you together write and compose ?

June: Basically we all compose. If one of us has an idea we check
it out and if it kicks ass we start working on it together.
Jone: We all bring our own piece to the new songs. I don’t see it as a
band if one guy does all and the 4 other just play at the live shows.

This year you released your single „Fastlane”, can you say something
about this song ?

Shyboy: Its a basic fast rocknroll song with sharp lyrics and
everyone is playing like it’s the last day of their lives. I Just love it!
Jone: The first time I heard it was 3 days before recording it! 😀

You’ve music video for the song „Fastlane”, where the idea for this clip
and where was it shoot ?

Jone: The idea was to make a classic rock video with the stereotypical
american cars and band playing. It was shot at Suvilahti in Helsinki.
June: Listen to the song: „kick the pedal to the metal”. You just
gotta drive!

You released a single, and what next ? What are your plans ? Maybe the
next step is the debut album ?

Shyboy: we`re gonna play gigs as much as possible and time will
show what comes up. We`ve got some plans.
Antti: At the moment we’re just trying to get together some new songs and
hope to start the recordings as soon as possible.

For now you playing in Finland, but do you have aspirations to leave
your homeland and play gigs in other countries ?

Jone: Ofcourse! I’ve been to the UK with my previous band and it was one
of the most fun things I’ve ever done! I can’t wait to tour the world with
this band, and get our music out there!
Antti: Yeah! We’re defenately heading abroad as soon as possible. But
first we have to make everything ready here in Finland and get a base for
our music.
Shyboy: The moment someone calls us and asks us to come on a tour
somewhere, we’re ready to go!

On the promo pictures and the music video you looks like a really crazy
guys, some of these „bad boys” and what kind of people you are on everyday?

June: We are what we look like. Crazy motherfuckers and we look the
same everyday.
Jone: The coolest guys you can find! 😉 But allso the kindest.
Antti: The guys you see in the videos and the pictures is us. We’re not
trying to be anything else than what we are! We go to the store to buy
milk, and to the shows to play rock looking the same.

Because BloodArt is a Polish website, can not miss the question about
Poland, do you know maybe some Polish bands, words and perhaps you have
been here before?

Antti: Never been there and never heard of any Polish band, sorry 😀
Jone: The only Polish band i know is Suicide Hotline because they have the
same name as my old band had 😀
June: No I don’t know any polish bands but I’ve been to Poland once
as a kid. Don’t remember much though, exept that people are fuckin’
insane on the road, aren’t there any traffic rules?!
Shyboy: Don’t know any bands from Poland but i like Adam Malysz`s moustache!

At the end, do you want say something to your fans  ?

June: Come to see us live and spread the word!
Shyboy: We love our fans and we hope to see you soon on our gigs!
Spread the name and keep on rockin!
Antti: What fans?
Jone: Love you!<3