Interview with Six Inch

I would like to ask, where did you found the idea for the band’s name?

Name comes from, a Finnish man’s average penis length… hahaha 🙂
but our music is bigger than the name of the band 😀

When do you think, you realize your debut album?

We are in studio at the moment and we hope that the debut album will
be released in December 2012
First single comes out in september including music video..

Who write the lyrics in band and who compose the music in your band?

Singer Andy write all the lyrics and the whole band try to compose
together..nobody gets left behind

Can you describe your music in four words?

Try to handle that 🙂

What inspirited you when you record your EP?

Many many great bands as marilyn manson… and longing for love 😉

Have you any music projects besides Six Inch?

No I Don`t.. I give my thirty years of energy to a one project …

Your musical plans for the future?

Debut album out, lot of gigs and little pocket money 😀

Have you ever thought about song with the orchestra?

We have a small orchestra in forthcoming album.. so we had thought it 😀

With what band or producer, would you like to collaborate?

I like to collaborate with nightwish all those orchestra things.. love it 🙂

Do you think about play a concert some day in Poland?

Of course.. beautiful country and someday we will have many hard
rocking fans in Poland.. I hope 🙂

Do you want to say something your fans through our website?

Our debut album will be epic and beautiful .. so be prepared… and
God have mercy on your soul

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