Interview with SadDoLLs

When first heard I the name of your band, it reminds me more a female punk band than gothic band. Nevertheless I was pleasantly surprised when I heard your debut album. Please tell me, where did you find the idea for the band name? What symbolizes the name of the band?

George Downloved: Hello and thank you for this interview 🙂
The band’s name was Paul’s (lead guitarist) idea, and it was the name we appeared with in a HIM tribute live in 2006. After that we considered titling the band as „LovingdeaD”, but the audience knew the SadDoLLs title so we just kept it.
We consider our music as gothic metal with electronic elements and we thought that SadDoLLs was a good name for a Goth band, and also a trademark name.Band names like Sorrow, Pain, SorrowPain, or SorrowHurtInTheAss or something like that are not trademark tittles and easily forgotten ones.SadDoLLs is not something special, but i think it’s a stuck in the head band name 🙂

In this year you realise your second album „Happy Deathday”. In my opinion it is better than your debut album. This CD set yourselves high bar, what do you think about this? How do you look at it?

Happy Deathday is the best recording we ever done, it is heavy and uplifting and in my opinion the composing of the songs is much better than the songs we had in About Darkness. In this album we are more than just 5 guys recording some songs.
We are united as one, especialy we we are performing those songs live, wich i must say sound even heavier and more metal than they sound on the recodings.
This is the best work we ever done, and we are proud of it.In the next release though we wont be using the same composing style as we like to evolve from album to album, so let’s see what will happen 🙂

On „Happy Deathday” you invited many guests for example Morgan Lacroix of Mandragora Scream or Jape Von Crow with To / Die / For. How do you cooperate with them?
Did musicians give you any advice for the 
future? How do you remember this cooperation?

We and Mandragora Scream (Morgan’s band) share the same label (Lunatic Asylum) so this is how we met, and when they heard our first release About Darkness we decided
that Morgan should sing along with me on Watch me crawl behind track. Also the guitarist Terry Horn did a great remix for our single Bloodred and we concider this one as a featuring too 🙂 With Jape and Juska we are good friends since 2005,and when the pre-produced songs were ready we send some over to them and they decided to participate too, those guys are crazy, I tell you! 😛
Also we have one more featuring in the album by a great guy called Roberth Karlsson from the Swedish band Scar Symmetry, he is doing some scream parts in the track Psychedelic Love and he will also play a small part in the upcoming video for this song 🙂

You have played before Lacrimas Profundere concert, support Moonspell, congratulation, but I wonder, when do you go for independent tour and maybe you will visit Poland?

There are no tour plans at the moment,but we are open to offers and if some European country invites us we will definately come 😉 We really want to play abroad, so we
are open to invitations from bookers 🙂

When can we hear your new single from second album?

There is not an actual single for the track „Bloodred” wich is the first video from „Happy Deathday” so you can find the track along with it’s remix in our latest album.

You’ve recorded a fantastic music video for „BloodRed”, where have you find the idea for this music video? And where did you realize it?

We, fucked up guys, were allways fans of horror movies, especially the ones with ghosts caught in surveillence cams, and recording devices, so we just thought we should make the story for the video like that, im not sure it worked,but fuck, we like it anywayz 😛
It was shot within one day at the studios we are doing our rehersals, called Artworks studios.

Album „Happy Deathday” is stronger than „About Darkness”, but it’s also full of industrial – electronic sounds. Particularly noteworthy is- „Psychedelic Love”, which reminds me a healthy mix of Deathstars, Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth. What is the impact of your music inspirations on the sound of this song and the whole album? Or maybe you as musicians discovered your own way which you want to follow and you think that such a mix fits perfectly for your band SadDoLLs?

The band’s musical infulences are from metal bands in general.
From metalcore bands and black metal bands,to goth metal and industrial
metal bands, like Deathstars.
The song Psychedelic Love, is our own trubute to Deathstars, and a pre-taste
of the bands direction for the future, sure we like goth and romance and mellody,but metal and evil is our master and allways will be! Hail Satan! 😛

From your previous composition stayed only vocalist – George Downloved and guitarist Paul Evilrose. Does it mean that you are so demanding to musicians with who you want to work that you’re still looking for the perfect ones, who would fit perfectly into your band?

There is one more member from before that is still in the band, rythm guitarist Daniel Aven, maybe the fact that he no longer has long hair confused you 😀
Yes it is true we are really demanding as a band and as a unity, and we demand that all the members respect that so good or bad, members that „are no it it anymore” or „dont have time anymore” will be decided to leave and new ones witch are closer to our standars will take place to fill in, in a more suitable way for the band first, and for the fans that are paying tickets to watch us live, or buy our music.

Many people consider you as a copy of the Finnish band HIM. What do you think about this? Do you accept this opinion? I know, that your band was founded as ‘HIM tribute’, but – keeping in mind your two recorded albums and all given concerts– I wish to know whether don’t you want to start living without this background. In other words, maybe you would like to live according to your own rules, plans, projects etc.; not in the shadow of HIM?

First of all,the fact that we did some tribute live shows when we starded, does not define our sound and songwriting. We were a HIM (and a cover band in general) because we did
not had any of our own songs at the moment. This happened for the first 3 live shows tops, after that we started playing our own songs, with one or two covers max.
I Keep on hearing comments like „they play love metal” 😛 This makes me laugh really, because first of all THERE IS NO SUCH GENRE AS LOVE METAL, IT WAS A HIM INSIDE JOKE IN THE 90’s and an album title, NOT A GENRE, people really needs to get over that.I Even heard comment like „this guy is wearing a beret, he is a Valo copy! ” come on please, people…
Only Ville Valo wears a beret? Not every single fucking artist arround the globe? 😛
And let me finnish by saying that we are playing Goth Metal, with heavy guitars and metalcore breakdowns, loops and electro elements in every single part of each song,
including secreams and growls, HIM are playing Alternative rock, how can you compare those two bands? People need to open up their ears more and stop believing that every lyrics that contain the words „death, love,hate,sorrow and pain” are written by HIM, and every guy that is wearing a beret during a preformance is a copy of Ville Valo 😛
We are not living in anyone’s shadow, in fact there are starting bands that have us as their
infulence 🙂
Peace out 🙂

Because it is an interview for Polish site, I have to ask if you
know any polish bands, words or maybe you’ve been in our country?

Dziękuję bardzo za ten wywiad, jesteś wielki! 😀
We’ve never being to Poland but we would love to visit you for a gig some
time 🙂

Would you like to tell something to ours readers?

Enjoy our latest album Happy Deathday, and the new upcoming videos (Psychedelic Love and Criminal Of Love) and if you think that Goth is dead, we’ll ressurect it 😉
Dbaj o siebie! \m/