Interview with Reveries End

This year, you released two demos, first entitled „Beneath the
Silent Shade,” and second, „Empyreal Form”. What can you tell us
about these demos and the songs contained on them ?
The first demo we recorded ourselves at our rehearsal place from
the first songs we had. The second demo was recorded by Markus Heinonen in a studio in Orimattila. We wanted to present a musically more versatile picture of Reveries End with this demo. E.g. we included an acoustic song and scream vocals. Veli-Matti composes most of the songs and bring the ideas that we expand to full songs. Lyrics and vocal melodies are made by Sariina.

You come from Tampere, the city, which for many is associated with
a more even pop rock bands such as Negative or Uniklubi, while you’re
playing metal, say what bands inspire you, what bands have an impact
on the works of Reveries End ?

We listen to a broad range of music but bands such as Katatonia, Opeth, Ghost Brigade and The Gathering have influenced us all in a way or another.

Making this interview I have to ask, where did the idea of
naming the band „Reveries End” come from? Who came up with this name, 
and whether it means something for you, maybe symbolizes something for you?
We thought about the name for quite a while because we wanted it to reflect our music. It is the desolate landscape through which our music wanders. 

You’re playing really great music with really great lyrics, but I’m not hiding, that my attention in large extent was attracted by Sariina’svoice, which goes perfectly with your music, to feel, that Sariina likes plays with her voice and what is most importantly she really can make it. Has Sariina sung with any band before Reveries End? Or maybe Reveries End is the only band where we can hear her?
Sariina: I have started to sing just a couple of years ago, because of overwhelming shyness and stage fright. I haven’t got much of a background, but I have sang in a few bands that eventually didn’t feel like my own. Currently Reveries End is the only band I’m in, but who knows what lies ahead in the future?

Do you have in your account two demos, when we can expect a step
forward, step to the CD ? because even though you are a young band it
shows that you are very „fruitful” and you have already chosen,
thoughtful style of music, in which it is to move Reveries End.
We have composed a lot of new material to make a set of good songs for a full length album. We haven’t got enough good record deal to go with. We are looking forward to make a mind blowing debut album with or without a deal.

And what about the concerts, you plan to go on the tour? And maybe
you come to Poland ?
Right now we have focused to get gigs in Finland but we have wished to get abroad. Poland is definitely in the first ones to go!

Speaking about Poland, I can ask you,  were you ever in our

country? maybe you know some Polish bands, or words?
Vellu: I have been a couple times in Poland and I really like your country because of nice and outgoing people. Cheap beer and delicious food! The others haven’t visited Poland. We know one word in polish but it’s better left unmentioned. 😉
A few bands we know from Poland: Vader, Riverside, Paprika Korps.
I will not hide that when I accidentally found your profile on
facebook and listened to your songs, you did for me a really huge
Long time no young band did not surprise me so positively, the songs
on a really high level, music and Sariina’s voice, as already
mentioned. So far, I can not get away from your work.
Certainly not a compliment heard about your band, but tell me, if all
those nice words affect you motivational, or rather think, „Wow, now
we can rest on our laurels, we needn’t to grow as a band and looking
for new inspiration, to learn new things „?
Thanks for your kind words. Good feedback keeps us more motivated of course. An artist is always hungry to create more and to improve skills.

Your songs are in English, of course, easier to hit a broader audience, creating in this language, but I did not think to record even one song in your native language, in Finnish?
English is our primary language in lyrics but it is quite possible that we may have something in finnish in the future.

On the end, do you want to say something to your Polish fans?
Do we have them? Wow! Book us a gig in Poland, and we will see you there! 😉