Interview with Lord of the Lost

Where did you find the idea for your single and album „Die Tomorrow”? Death is fascinating for you? What mean exactly the title? Is it the equivalent of your „Carpe diem”?
The idea behind the album/single was to capture the feeling of „Let’s give all we have once again, before it all might end tomorrow”. You can never predict when our lives will have to end, so live life to the fullest every single day. We do so ourselves, so it sort of comes close to this whole „Carpe Diem”-Mantra. Death is of course fascinating, because no-one can really tell how it feels like to be dead, yet everyone has to die sooner or later but will never be able to tell anyone among the living. How could that not be fascinating?
Our mission was to transfer this mentality or at least parts of it onto every song on that album. And we did pretty well, i guess!

Talking about death, how can you imagine the last moments of your life and your funeral?
There’s one thing to point out: I’m not at all frightened of death, but i’m afraid of the progress of dying. Such as suffering pain due to some terminal illness or so. So i would be glad to just fall asleep and never wake up again. I think i’d like to have my tombstone written on in the font „Comic Sans” because it looks ridiculous and i always tend to put some fun even into the most serious matters. Then again… why should i think about that by now?

Your last video was shot to „Die Tomorrow”, where did you get the idea on this music video?
The approach was quite obvious because the song title kind of speaks for itself: What would you do if you only had one day left? So we were looking for actions that depict the message of „I don’t care about tomorrow”. Jumping out of a plane from 4km altitude, almost getting knocked out by a pro fighter, partying hard, getting pierced/tattooed, relieving one’s anger with a flamethrower… You get the idea! In the end, it shows our way of celebrating the world’s potential end.

Where did the idea is to release 2 versions record the album with a bonus live DVD, a classy photo book and a flag, a limited quantity of 500 copies?
After two albums and one EP, we felt it was essential to finally give our hardcore fans something back! Something special, for their boundless support they gave us over the first few years now. So now they hold something in their hands that shows the birth stadium of new songs (the DVD), a visual collection of the energy we spread on stage (awesome photographs taken by a very competent Lady named Mandy Privenau) and the flag for either waving it at concerts or decorate your room… The limitation makes it even more special and, well… It just would have been too expensive to increase the quantity of that box. 500 is just fine for where we are right now, i guess.

You come from Germany, a country, that is considered to be the cradle of gothic music, and is, there, a gothic band from Germany, that you appreciate and admire?
We’re good friends with many bands in that particular genre, some of them on our level, others way higher than us. Make sure to check out UNZUCHT, they’re really great! We’re gonna be on tour with them in Jan/Feb 2013!

You play glam rock music with a touch of gothic and ele people this music associated with kitsch, but what do you think about this? This music is kitsch for you too?
Kitsch is always in the eyes of the beholder. Besides that, we do love kitsch.

When can we expect the next single and music video? Can you tell with track you choose?
I can’t tell anything about the time of release, but the next video will be for „See you soon”!

Present day the band to could exist, should do something stupid, crazy, to write about it in the newspapers. Tell me, where are your limits to what you can make for popularity?
We would never start making music we don’t like just to gain popularity. Beside that, any press is good press (well… almost!).

I can’t ask about Poland, because this is an interview for Polish website, when you plan to come to Poland?
We still lack booking contacts over there, but we’re working on it! So stay tuned…

At the end, do you know any Polish bands, or some words in Polish? Or maybe you have been in our country?
Never been there. I’m a huge fan of Frédéric Chopin’s piano works, but the contemporary music didn’t have a big impact on me yet. I’ve been with a polish girl once, so i might say those are pretty nice 😉
Also Chris had a liaison with a polish girl many years ago, she might took the „Sex On Legs” thing too serious, now she’s modeling for a polish big boobs internet porn website 😉

Gared Dirge.