Interview with End of September

On your debut album has been published in this year and on it is placed 9 songs. Can you tell us something more about your album?

Yeah, they are 9 songs that we are very proud of! The process of making this album was quite out streched. It began in 2009 with Erik writing the material and getting Ulterium Records interested in releasing an album. And that was even before there was a complete band. But after Elin joined Erik in summer 2011 the band finally came togehter within a few months and the album could be finished. And luckily our label had stuck with us through the process, so you can obviously tell that for some of us it was a quick ride from joining a band to releasing a debut album. We all have experiences from the past with the direct opposite – only writing and rehearsing, never gettng to the release. So this was quite a relief!

Erick, you are End of September’s initiator and also writing a lyrics. From beginning have you had the intention, that women has singing in your band or maybe there was kind of an event or yet another it was marketing play?
Bands with women’s vocal are very popular and have high rates in today’s time.

When I started this project I knew I wanted to sing myself, but I didn’t want to front the band. So having a woman doing the main vocals was just a progression from that – I thought that a woman’s voice would be a good complement to my own singing.

Erick, in biography of your band is information, that you before created End of September, you had played in other bands. Can you tell something more about it? How were names of those bands?

I’ve played in a few bands stretching from 70’s rock to black metal, and also done some guest appearances, but this is the first band I’ve started myself and that is truly me. I tend to look for the future, what I’ve done in the past is long gone. It’s what I’m going to do next that’s interesting to me.

Elin, how happened that you joined to End of September? Before have you been singing in other band?

Well, the story behind me joining the band started with Erik sending a kind of last chance messege to my husband on Facebook, asking if he knew any female vocalist that liked hard rock. He also added: „Or does Elin like that kind of music?”. He really didn’t think I did! And that became the start of our collaboration. Before End of September I’ve taken part of many bands and projects, but nothing long lasting. Mainly I’ve been singing, and still do, in the church that I go to. The music culture there is quite progressive compared to many other churches, so it has been a good place to grow musically.

Whence is taken idea, that the band has got name End of September?

All the songs of the album came before the band name. And as you might have noticed the last line in the song Autumn Breaks says: „At the end of September I’ll be praying for the spring to come.” That song was initially called End of September, and we thought it had a feel to it that resounded the feeling of our music. So we stole the title for the band and renamed the song!

You have a lot of concerts outside Sweden. Has any plan, a chance on your band’s concert in Poland?

It would be really awesome to be able to come to Poland! No plans for the moment, but hopefully you’ll be a good help for us to spread the word about End of September in Poland.

With how bands or producers would you want cooperation?

That is a good question! If you let us dream about bands we like to get on tour with we’d mention bands like RED, Paramore, Alter Bridge and Breaking Benjaming. Speaking of producers there is really just one – Howard Benson.

How is your plan on future? Maybe now you’re working on new songs on next album End of September?

Yeah we are just about to get started working on some new material, and we are very excited about that! But we also feel the need to let our first album get on the road much more. Both in Sweden and the rest of Europe.

In this time you’ve got only one promoting video for the song „Isolated”. Whether are going to published yet a promoting singiel or next video?

We have no plans right now doing that with this album. We really had such fun shooting the video for Isolated but now it feels more relevant to get some clips out there from our live shows.

Who was responsible for design of cover End of September’s debut album?

It was a friend of Erik’s, Markus Sigfridsson. He’s truly a talent! The idea with the girl and the tree was his and he really captured the essence of the lyrics with that picture.

Because is the interview for polish website, questions about Poland cannot be wanting. And my question is: do you know something abut Poland? Or maybe do you know any polish bands or words?

For some reason the only words we know are quite bad, so lets leave them out! We know one band, Behemoth, that some of us listen to. Erik has been to Poland and even has relatives from there. So Poland is defenitely not a blank spot on the map!

On the end, would you pass on something for fans from Poland?

Hey guys, hope to see you soon in Poland! Until then don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and maybe wright a message to us. That would make us really happy! And thank you so much BloodArt for having us!