Interview with Elvenking

Your new album entitled „ERA” will be released on September 14th. Worked on this album with a known producer Nino Laurenne, say how did the work on the album going on ? Everything was well or there were any problems?

Everything went really good! We already worked with Nino on the mixing of “The Winter Wake” and “The Scythe” so we already knew him and Sonic Pump studios. This time we decided to record also drums, guitars and vocals and then of course the mixing. There was just a little problem during the last days of my recordings…Finnish weather can be really tough you know…especially for us Italians who are used to sun and hot temperatures J so I got a pretty bad cold…anyway I just stopped and finished the recordings of the last songs in Italy as soon as I recovered! So…nothing went wrong in the end and thanks to the addition of our new drummer and bass player, the recordings have been really professional and of super high level and we’re really happy of the result!

On your album there are a variety of folk instruments. Just tell, whether this means that on this record is more emphasis on melody than the lyrics?
Lyrics have always been a very important side of our music, but we never lost focus on the music and melodies. Melodies will always be the most important thing…they are the fundaments of our songs. When we have the strongest melodies, then we start to lay down the lyrics, which as I already said are of absolute importance and are the best way to express ourselves, our emotions and are the vehicle for our message. Of course this time we worked a lot on the arrangements and we wanted to have some cool folk instruments…we wanted to strengthen the violin melodies and give to some of the songs a strong folkloristic flavor. We have to thank Maurizio Cardullo from FOLKSTONE who made an amazing job playing all these instruments.

How do you think, that the album „ERA” will start a „new era” for the band Elvenking, and maybe already you begun a „new era”?
The new ERA has begun months ago, when the new ELVENKING was born. New lineup, new strength, new will to kick ass in the recording studios and on stage. The album ERA is the result of all this hard work and this renewed enthusiasm and I think that we couldn’t come up with a better album. And this is only the (new) beginning!

Reading your new album tracklist, I do not know why, but titles brings to my mind at once with the policy, say if on your new album will contain political songs?
We have never dealt with politics and never we will. Our music is about freedom. Politics like religions are nothing more than chains that bind. I know it’s impossible to talk about freedom in today’s society but at least our music and our lyrics are free…all we have left is our mind and our power to think. Fantasy is still one of our strongest powers you know.

This year, you played two concerts in Poland, say, or in connection with the release of the new album can we expect you back in our country?
Of course we will be back in Poland! Our booking agencies are working on this so you can expect a couple of gigs during the ERA tour.

Speaking of concerts, how do you mention two concerts in Poland?
They were absolutely mind blowing. I mean we were supporting Rhapsody of Fire but it was like a normal headliner show. We realized we have a really strong fanbase in Poland and we love it! We can’t wait to get back!

Elvenking band has changed, appeared in the ranks of your new member Jakob, how you work together?
We have two new members in the band. Jakob, the bass player and Symohn the drummer. I have to say that it’s great to work with them. They brought new life, new enthusiasm and a higher technical level. The band has made a big upgrade thanks to these two motherfuckers!

Do you want to pass something at the end of your Polish fans?
Well, if you have a chance, have a listen to our new album ERA. In these days we are releasing the first taste of the album…hope you like it. We feel stronger than ever and we’re definitely back to our pagan roots! Hope to see you soon!!


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