Interview with Clarkkent

I would like to ask, where did you found the idea for the band’s name?

It’s always hard to come up with a good name for a band. In the very start we had a different name but it sucked big time. After a long time of trying out different suggestions our drummer Jussi came up with the name Clark Kent which was later transformed to Clarkkent. We soon realized that the name describes our music too, in a way that one thing can have two sides like in our music with the combination of rock riffs and pop melodies.

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You can tell me is it true that your career has a faster pace with the help of Jukka Backlund, and he helped you to record the first album? If I am wrong correct me.

„Jukka Backlund and Sonic Kitchen were a big help especially with the first album. Jukka advised us with the production of songs and Samu gave us valuable guidance businesswise. The things we learned from them helped us with the production of CK’s new album „Three” which we produced and released ourselves.” – Jukka aka Mursu

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Do you think that changes in the band in 2010 come up roses?

„I think that CK becoming a trio saved the band. After the change all the distractions and differences about music are history. We enjoy playing and writing music more than ever. And it’s sweet!” – Jaakko

Can you describe your music in four words? 

Energy – Melody – Rhythm – Love

What inspirited you when you record new album?  

„The new way of working as a trio was inspiring. We wanted to search for the ultimate Clarkkent sound. And the more we wrote and arranged the material we were driven towards a heavier and rocking sound.” – Jussi

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What is the difference between your last and first album?

„Our first album was in a way a collection of songs from a long time. The new second album was made of all new songs and has a more fresh CK sound to it, closer to our rocking live sound.” – Jukka

When we can expect video clip to your first single from new album?  

The first music video will be of the third single RCH GRL. It was the first Clarkkent single ever to rise to the official „Most Downloaded Songs” -charts.

The video will be released by the end of this month.

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Where fans can buy your new album?

The actuall CD is only published in Finland and can be found in stores in Finland. Some stores have a mailing service that deliver CD’s out side of Finland, for example and The digital version of the new album will be released world wide 1st of September and it will be availble for example on iTunes. All singles are already available world wide.

Do you think about play a concert some day in Poland?  

„Playing shows abroad has always been a goal for us. We have made some gigs outside of Finland and it has left us wanting more… So yes we can see CK in Poland… just hope we can have it arrange soon.” – Jukka

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What do u think about Poland?

„Havent been to Poland but have always wanted to see Krakova.” – Jukka.

„Liked Krakow and Varsaw, liked the food, looooong roads.” – Jaakko

„Haven’t been but would like to go.” – Jussi

What give you, when play together?  

„Playing together feels like home!” – Jaakko

„Couldn’t live with out it, playing music has become a way of life for us.” – Jukka

Do you think you will be in the same place, in the next 15 years and you’ll  play the same kind of music?

„Who knows? Hope not! Change is good but I don’t think that we will ever stop playing rock music.

15 years is a long time so I assume that we’ve toured around the world many times and are fat funny looking dudes!” – Jussi

You are quite popular in Finland and play concerts there. You did not think to go with your music outside Finland and start playing in other European countries, not only in your homeland? 

Playing all over the world is what we’ve dreamed about for ages. We’ve played in Estonia and Germany so far and are hungry for more!

What do you think about songs in your mother language ? Or is a chance that someday you’ll record though one song in Finnish? 

All of the music we like to listen to is in english. All of the greatest bands sing in english. If you want to go tour Poland why sing in finnish?

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