Interview with Beyond Violet

At beginning, I wanted to congratulate you, cool music video to the
song „Cybercherry” . Can you tell, something about this video ?Thank you! We really wanted the video to reflect the lyrics of the song. „Cybercherry” is about online love which cannot materialize in the physical world. The story of the song is situated in a virtual world, and we found a director (Marc Cuppens) who knows his way around SecondLife, a virtual world that can be adapted and built by the users themselves. He spent hours looking for suitable virtual locations, made machinima of them and edited us in there in such a way that we are in the virtual world, yet we are also disconnected from it. A very apt way of reflecting the song’s theme!

I’m also curious, if the song „Cybercherry” is a prelude to Your debut album ? If so, when can we expect it ?

It absolutely is a prelude to more! We are currently working on an official debut release, which will be an EP with 4 entirely new songs. We hope to release it in September. After that, we’ll be looking at wider distribution for the EP and releasing a full-length album.

Looking Your website, I found the information about bands, which are Your inspiration. Among the bands like: Within Temptation or Arch Enemy, I found a Polish band Unsun.
Do you know any more Polish bands ? And what inspire you in Unsun ?

Unsun are great and enormously underrated! They make a fantastic combination of catchy melodies and rich harmonies, with a big dose of metal thrown in, and it really works. They’re not afraid to be accessible, but don’t sound overly commercial or musically simplistic. Other Polish bands… As a big death metal and prog rock fan, John (songwriter/ guitarist) is very much into Behemoth and likes Vader and Riverside.  Chopin is also fantastic, of course! We actually use a lot of harmonic minor scales and diminished sixths, which are quite typical of Eastern European music.

The first video you have already done, and what are Your plans as Beyond Violet ?

Together with the EP we will release a new video, and furthermore we are planning to play gigs at a lot of venues and festivals! We’ll be playing with Nemesea later this year, for example.

You come from the Netherlands, a country which for many is associated with Within Temptation and Epica, not you afraid, that you will be likened to them ?

The comparison is understandable, as we’re more or less in the same genre and come from the same country, and the similarities are obvious – a theatrical sound with soaring, high-pitched vocals. However, musically Beyond Violet is very strongly influenced by ‚classic’ hard rock and pop music. Harmonically, we’re related to classical music, whereas Within Temptation seem more folk-inspired. And although we pack in lots of harmonic and thematic variations, we employ more traditional song structures and time signatures than Epica. Both bands use orchestral textures, whereas our keyboard parts and sounds refer to old-school progressive rock and hardrock.

And what about the tour ? Is there any chance, that we will hear and see you in Poland ?

We absolutely hope that we can play in Poland next year!


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