Innerray (ang)

Interview with Innerray 18.11.2011r.


How and when Your band has been created? How did You meet each other? Where did the idea for the name of the band come from?
Actually Alex started the band after a night with his friends in the summer of 2008, since then the name, the style and the line-up changed alot, but after 1 year and a half in the winter of 2009 we were finally happy with everything, We had a strong line-up and a good name.
It’s funny, because we can’t actually remember how we met each other, but we always knew when something was missing or when somebody was not fitting in our small family, or when we should look for someone else, we can all feel it.
Vas came up with the name Innerray after he explained us that music is something you can’t fake…you can’t lie trough music, it’s too delicate and the listeners will know that right away, not mentioning that you are becoming a hypocrite.

How can You describe music performed by Your band? What is your inspiration? Do You have any musical idol, band or musician which/who modeled You?
The hardest thing in a band is staying together,it takes great sacrifices from everybody, there is no band that could say:’we got there the easy way’,and our inspiration lies behind everything we have done together, to give you an example listen to ‚midnight passion’ and you will understand all the frustration and effort we’ve all put together in following our dream.Briefly, we don’t have idols, neither do we intend to become one. Let’s just worship music, if you know what i mean.

Your band consists of 5 members. Say a few words about each of You. What were Your beginnings with music, for example?
There is so much to say about everybody, we all have different and unique personalities Alex and Tudor are always enthusiastic about what’s happening while Vas and Adi are the skeptical side of the band but Jo is the ballance between us. I think this combination works best, as it is hard to get off track.
Currently we are all studying in different cities, Alex and Jo are in the western part of Romania, Vas and Adi are still in our hometown and Tudor is in the United Kingdom. However, there is no way that this will stop us in creating music and staying together as a band.

In September 2011 You released Your first EP „Affinity” with 4 songs. Tell us about it. Who wrote the words and music. Where did the ideas for its creation come from? Where and when this EP was recorded?
Usually we all write the music and lyrics to our songs, it is a collective work. Sometimes just one of us comes with a whole idea of a new song which is the best way to preserve the initial feeling of the song. After one year we finnaly had the money and the time to record some of our tracks. Our inspiration comes from a continuing struggle to win in this fight for our dream where the hardest part is staying together, working hard and be there for each other. One word that can describe that is the title of our Ep, Affinity.

Are you satisfied with the results of Your work, or maybe You would change something on your EP?
There is always room for more, we are in a continuous evolution. We are quite satisfied with the results and the feedback we get, so we plan on something bigger.

You are a novice band. Is it hard to break through? How do You promote your EP?
It is hard to break trough when people don’t care anymore about the upcoming artists and bands. And this is because it is more and more taken for granted that it is impossible to come with new stuff. However, we will always try to prove the opposite, keep digging, as new and unheard material tries to get to the surface. We are doing everything we can to promote our band. You can find us everywhere, you can even download our music for free.

Currently there are many metal bands on the music market. And many more is created. What makes Your band unique? What makes you worth listening to?
We thought about that pretty much and in the near future we are going to release something really original and different, i don’t think this has ever been done before, you will see. We are unique because even though we are miles away we are still a family and we write music together, but what trully makes our music worth listening to is the fact the we play the music we like and we are not faking it.

Where and when we can hear and see You „live”? How often do You play concerts? What are Your concert plans for the future?
We have some concerts planned in Romania, one in our hometown this winter,and a small tour in the next summer.Unfortunately we can’t play that many shows live because we are far away from each other so a live concert right now would be imposible.

With which band would You prefer to go on tour and why with this one exactly?
We don’t have a favourite band but tell me, Which band would you like to open for Innerray?

How do You see Your band in 10 years?
Still together, still making music, still out there kicking it and having a good time!

What can I wish You at the beginning of Your musical career?
We know what we want so we must work hard to get it, the hardest thing right now is having the right mindset so we need a lot of focus in the near future.

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