Heidi Parviainen

You’ve gone from Amberian Dawn and you’ve started your own project.
Tell us, where did the idea for the new project Dark Sarah? One day
you woke up in the morning and said: „Okay, today I start my new
project.” How it was?
I had been planning my own project for years but never had really the time for it next to AD. And in fall 2011 I started an active phase to make my project happen. After quitting in Amberian Dawn I could concentrate on it only. At this point of my carreer I felt I had to make one of my dreams come true in the form of Dark Sarah. But who knows what the future will bring.


Where did the idea for the name of your project „Dark Sarah”? Sarah
is your alter ego?
The name for Dark Sarah came along the first lyrics I wrote for this project. The story is about a woman who has gone through some rough time and was actually left on the altar by her husband. She almost brakes down but something wakes up inside of her and she becomes another person, her meaner half Dark Sarah. So Dark Sarah became my project name and kind of my alter ego too. I wanted to make the name sound like a supervillain or a cartoon figure like a Catwoman, Jekyl and Hyde etc. since they all have their metamorfoses. There is also a meaning behind the name Sarah which is an really old name and means ´a princess´, and Dark Sarah a ´dark princess´, The eye of horus symbol in her eye when she transforms into hear meaner self means protection, she protects her good self by becoming bad.

Who is in Dark Sarah project besides you? Or maybe are there only live or session musicans?
I´m going to work with a band.  On the two songs that I´m going to publish in promotional purpose you´ll hear some familiar sounds in the band instruments. 😉

The first song what we’ll be able to hear and to what we’ll could watch is song called „Save me”. What can you tell us about this song and music video?
The song ” Save me” is an introductiong song and it tell´s the story about transforming into Dark Sarah. There is a strong movie kind of feeling in it and really strong story telling. It is such a big song and I felt it needed a music video to support the story. The music video was made in Finland by Voivonmaan opisto and Routafilmi in October 2012 ( really freezing!) and mostly in the forest.

When Dark Sarah debut album will be released? Could you, tell us something about this album?
I´m without a contract yet so LABELS START CALLING! 😉 The debut album of Dark Sarah is metal music but different from the mainstreem symphonic metal music, it is fresh and has elements of movie music.


What about tour? I hope, Dark Sarah also come to the Poland. 🙂
I really hope I can start touring again soon, but I need to finnish the album first and find a good label to work with before we can even talk about touring. But if you ask me, I would jump to a tour buss straight away if it was possible! 🙂
Thank you for your support and stay tuned for more news about Dark Sarah in http://www.facebook.com/darksarahofficial and in http://darksarah.com/!


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