Hannu Lepisto – wywiad.

1. In this year, you’ve released the album called „Have a Beautiful
Life”, what can you say about this record to us? Is it a happy, joyful
album as the title suggests?
I think it got all moods covered – depending of course of the
listener and his / her interpretation on lyrics. It’s a genre-bent
rock’n’roll journey about survival, love, hope, despair, existence
with the wages of sin packed in.

2. Your album is number one on Finnish iTunes, my congratulations, but
did you expected this?
Yeah – it rose #1 on its release date on the alternative album charts
and topped ten in all categories! No, we never thought it could
happen, but I think everyone in our team had *some* expectations.. But
it was a dream come true and a ’lil shock in positive way.

3. You recorded album, Finnish fans appreciated it, but what about the
fans from other countries? Are you planning a tour of Europe? Maybe
you also going to Poland?
Yes, next summer I’m scheduled to play Suomi Sound Fest (https://www.facebook.com/suomisoundfest) in Poland;
that was way before this release, so Poland, next summer, here I come.
And we are planning more since we got this release properly out.
German, Sweden, England, Estonia (I’ve played in Tallinn two times)
are places where a lot of people have asked me to come. So, if
everything goes well, I will be performing in Europe in different
countries next summer or before.

4. On your facebook profile I saw, that you speak in Swedish, German
and Greek, so maybe in the future on your next album will be to hear
how you sing in one of these languages?
I think I stick with English. It’s easier for me than Finnish..
Because the majority – like 90 % of artists I’ve listened to when
growing up – are English or American-English. And I start to write in
English, so it’s hard to write in any other language, Finnish

5. If we’re talk about the languages, say to your Polish fans: do you
know any word in Polish?
I just learned ”ty” means You.

Or maybe you ever been in Poland?
Oh, unfortunately not yet – but next summer! My parents have been
there many times and love Your country.

6. You’ve a video to the song „I wanna walk all night”, are you
planning to shoot a new music video?
Yes, we got million plans going on.. laughing.. And hours of un-edited
material, but what I and my band are going to do is a worldwide
on-line streaming gig and planning for that has started – I want
everything to be top-notch for that so that might be my next BIG
”video” release, but let’s see label’s plans also. I’m not a
video-editor pro in any case – I’m just a singer- songwriter, don’t
know if that is curse or blessing.

7. What are your plans for 2014?
Release a new LP, tour some, plus the top-notch worldwide streaming concert….

8. At the end of interview, I wish you good luck and maybe, do you
wanna say something to your Polish fans?
Thank you very much for asking me for this interview, I enjoyed this.
I want to thank each and everyone of your support, please continue to
share and spread the word and hopefully, if everything goes according
the plans – see You in Summer 2014. I have free tracks for you to
download – available on my website hannuofficial.info. Just have to
sign up for the mailing list so we can keep you updated about future
plans. And, most of all, take care!
Best wishes,
Hannu Lepisto