Elvenking (ang)

Interview with Elvenking 12.01.2011r.


Is there anything that you’d like to change in your last CD, Red Silent Tides now, after the premiere?
No, I wouldn’t change anything! and I think this is the very first time it happens! This time we worked a lot in the rehearsal room, arranging the songs, adapting the vocal parts, etc. and the studio recordings have been awesome together with producer Dennis Ward. so …I really wouldn’t change anything. Red Silent Tides is the perfect picture of Elvenking in 2010 and I like it as it is. Maybe in the past the pictures were a bit blurred, or our faces weren’t that great in the photo…but this time the picture is great!

You have changed your style on your last CD, Red Silent Tides. Are you gonna keep this up, or maybe is it just a single event?
We didn’t change our style. Our music is in constant development and that’s why every cd sounds a bit different than the previous one, but still keeping our personality. You ask me about the next one? Of course it will be different from RST…but don’t ask me how!

What have given you the idea for Your Heroes Are Dead music video? What is the Evil that you’re fighting in that video?
Actually „Your Heroes Are Dead” is about hypocrisy, ignorance and false attitude in people. The directors of the video made a great interpretation and delivered an animation that’s really fun to watch! It doesn’t follow the lyrics literally but I think that it gives a nice touch to it.

Are you gonna make a music video with your fans playing?
Mmm actually it’s not in our plans..never thought about it really..’cause then we might find some fans that play better than us ahahah!

Is there a chance to make a music video to tracks from before RST? I’m sure that a lot of fans would love to see some.
Well I don’t think we’ll ever do something like that even if it would be nice to see a video for tracks like „The Winter Wake” for example.

Are you gonna release a DVD, for example from a concert?
This is something we have been thinking about for ages! We really hope we’ll have the budget and the means to realize it one day! We know fans would love it and we have a lot of requests for an Elvenking DVD. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

What are your planes for 2011? Can we expect something new?
2011 will be a touring year! We have a pretty tough schedule with gigs in Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and so on. More are on the way! Keep on visiting our websites for updates!

What scale are you gonna expand with boys Hell in the Club project on? Are you sure that it won’t affect negative to EK?
Personally i am a guy with a big creativity and I find it hard to close my mind and focus on only one side of the coin. What I do best is write songs and play music and I could do this 24/7. Thanks to Andy from Secret Sphere who asked me to join Hell in the Club, I now have the chance to show a big side of me which I couldn’t express with EK for obvious reasons. With HITC I found a nice band to play some great rock’n’roll and some real friends and this is only good for me and my personality. I don’t see why it should affect negatively EK in any way. I feel great and I still am the singer of Elvenking as I was before.. fans can only start to know me better now…before this, they only saw a small percentage of me.

I’ve found a lot of supports of your band in the internet in various languages. How important are these support for you?
I think they are a great way to show people that the band is loved in many different countries. Internet is the best way to promote music nowadays so it’s like having a small advertisment here and there. All this thanks to the loyal fans who really dig the band and want to support it with their own means.

Would you like to say something to your Polish fans? We’re sure that there is a lot of them.
I really hope EK will be touring Poland in the near future. I know our booking agency is working on it, so I really can’t wait to come and meet you on stage!! In the meantime check our latest album „Red Silent Tides” if you haven’t listened to it yet and have a good time! Rock on!! thanks for the interview!

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