(EchO) – Devoid of Illusions

 (EchO) – „Devoid of Illusions”

1. Intro
2. Summoning the Crimson Soul
3. Unforgiven March
4. The Coldest Land
5. Internal Morphosis
6. Omnivoid
7. Disclaiming My Faults
8. Once Was a Man
9. Sounds from Out of Space (Feat. Greg Chandler)

When I turned on the CD (EchO) „Devoid of Illusions” and I closed my eyes thanks to the track of No. 1, which is the intro, I moved with my thoughts somewhere far to the north. Chill came over me and it was possible to hear the sound of waves from afar.
When in the speakers appeared the song no.2 Summoning Crimson Soul, I felt like the ubiquitous chill took on power. Delicate beginning of the song and sharp banging drums,caused that I had thought then: „Here is born evil.” Strange sounds to the shape of the female chorus which the album no has (hmm… guys are joking and there is a choir, or CD actually supposed to be strictly male album, but knowing the proverb: „Where the devil cannot, there woman send ” and here you can hear a woman’s voice or it’s evident charms and magic), they cause the impression of musical border between perdition and common sense, leaning more towards that first.
Growl which here makes for a kind of guide on this dark and cold land, brings us more and more down. Guitars that are here for to stop us music wanderers and keyboard give you solace and order to prepare for further wanderings.
However pure vocals which also here appears is something the kind of the tempter and seduces us to stray from the road we have taken at the beginning, so that we don’t go down deeper, on the contrary. Here starts „the fight” for the listener between the pure, „angelic” voice and „satanic” growl.
However that fight isn’t disturbing the recipient at all. It’s giving only a certain kind of the „taste” and makes that the cd is becoming more interesting. Thus, we move almost seamlessly to the song no. 3 „Unforgiven March”. Delicate keyboard, aggressive drums and guitars, then growl and „choirs”, it all builds a peculiar element of horror here.
And for moment calm „pure” voice could move us to quiet land. Our musical journey takes the best.
We descend down, down, wandering through the dark mazes, down to hell? the darkest recesses of the soul? This walk lasts through the whole cd and we don’t slow down the pace not for moment. Although the song „Once was a man” is the calmest of the whole cd.
This does not mean that it is the weakest at all. Because in this seeming calm is a hidden power.I could describe every track from the album, but I think that it makes no sense, ’cause each of the listeners will receive differently and my feelings,and my feelings don’t have to cover with theirs.
I perceive this cd „Devoid of Illusions” as a journey, a journey that ends just below the gate of our hidden fears and only depends on us whether we open the gate or not.
Someone could be indignant, saying, that there is no lack of albums with male clean vocal and growl, on the contrary.
So there is no lack of doom metal bands with that kind of vocals. There are bunches of them, you might say.
This powerful guitars and drums, keyboard in the background, that’s nothing special, but it’s not true. On the cd (EchO) there is something, what I didn’t met from a long time, it’s a climate.
Climate of which today is really hard. It often happens, that from given album the one or two songs are able to attract our attention, but somewhere the rest disappears, is killed, we do not pay attention to the other songs, they do not grab our attention.
Here it’s different, even though the songs are long, (not counting „Intro”, the shortest track on the album is 6:44 and it’s mentioned before song „Once of you and man”). It is very difficult to maintain the climate in such long numbers, and maintain it through the whole album. The guys from (EchO) have succeeded it very well, their songs do not get bored, keep the level and can move the listener into another dimension.
I recommend this album especially in the autumn and winter evenings, when it gets dark much earlier, it’s cold and windy behind the window and we are at home by candlelight or listening „Devoid of Illusions” by fireplace. Album moves us to somewhere far away.
Carried away with our imagination, which wakes up due to this interesting, brutal, aggressive, and sometimes calm music and voice, which here is also tempting and is almost angelic, for a moment we have impression that the devil himself speaks to us through growl.
I rate the album on a strong 8 ’cause the album really deserves it. Of course it could be more, but I don’t want too much pamper guys.

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