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Interview with Simone from (EchO) 24.11.2011r.


How did you get together (EchO)? and where the idea for this bandname?
Simone: (EchO) was formed in autumn 2007. The first idea came from Simone (Keys) and Antonio (voice), then in the next months the line up was completed with Mauro (Guitar), Paolo (Drums) and in march 2008 I (Simone) joined the band as guitar player. Only in spring 2011 we found our „number 6” in Agostino (Bass). About the name (EchO), it refers to the nymph that has the same name in the greek mithology.

In few words, can you tell me something about members of the band?
We are 6 people that come from different social realities, with different musical and personal backgrounds that share the great passion for music, and we listen to different generes of music that influenced our different syles which are the bricks we used to build (EchO).
Our personalities are really different and sometimes argues get really hot, but that’s part of the game, I mean, make an agreement with 6 different people sometimes is hard, but we’re doing it pretty good i think, and we’re also getting used to it.

Your debut album „Devoid of Illusion” was be released on November 11, can you tell me something about this?
Yeah. The album was recorded back in November 2010, basically one year before the release. The artwork was curated by Eliran Kantor that made a stunning work, besides the beautiful pieces he created for the cover, the inlay and all the booklet what was really great in working with him is that he really catched what we wanted and put it in images. Basically he translated our music in visual art. We couldn’t think to something better and we surely will work again with him in the future (Check out his works at www.elirankantor.com). About the label we did what all the bands do i think. We prepared some promos and sent them to different labels. 4 or 5 answered i don’t remember now, but BadMoodMan Records gave us the best offer. This is our very first label contract ever and we are very glad to be part of the roster of such a good label. And so here we are. Album released and we are very happy about it. Hope it will be good also for the label. Here the link for our album in Solitude Prod. webstore www.solitudestore.com/en/product/echo-2011-devoid-of-illusions/

Can you tell me more about recording the album? Who wrote the lyrics, who composed the music? Who inspired you when you was working on the album?
Yeah, sure. We opened for Esoteric in their italian gig in 2010, so we met Greg. After few months we contacted him and booked the studio. We didn’t have anything, no artwork ready, no label contract, we were even not sure to be able to publish this record, we only had these 8 songs and we took that plan for Birmingham and passed two of the most important weeks of our lifes doing what we most love to do. This is something we will never forget, like a tattoo in our memories (and for Mauro also on his skin ’cause he got a tatoo there). These 15 days of recording session where amazing, Greg beside being a great musician is also an incredible audio engeneer, and the product satisfied us 100%. About the lyrics, most of them for this album were written by Antonio (voice) and something was also written by Paolo (drums), with some few contributions from Simone (keys) and Mauro (Guitar) for a couple of songs. The music is a little more complex, Usually the first idea comes from a piano track composed by Simone, that usually is a piece of also 3-4 minutes of lenght, then he brings his idea in the rehersal room and the whole band works on it. Usually Mauro has the best ideas to define the parts, I mean, what is a chorus, what a verse, what a special and so on, then we all work on the arrangements with our own parts, I usually work on the guitar solos and Antonio works on the vocal line. Some songs starded also from guitar riffs such as „Internal Morphosis”, „Omnivoid” and „Once Was a Man”. Sometimes also Antonio comes out with some guitar riffs that we use for the songs („Omnivoid” and „Once Was a Man” for Example). We are a really diplomatic band, everybody have to say what he thinks about every single part of the song and the song will be declared finished only when we have 6 people fully satisfied. This gets times long, for example „The Coldest Land” took something like 4 months from the first idea to be ready to be played on stage. About inspiration, we usually don’t look at other bands, I mean, we all listen to a lot of music and different generes, from 70s prog-rock to death metal, from post-rock to sludge/stoner and doom metal, but when we compose music we focus on ourselfs and our feelings and sensations, trying to translate them in music.

What do you want tell your fans by your music ?
Music and art in general should be a human being that traslates himself in something easy to be understood by other people and to communicate it to them, hoping somebody will share the same emotions and sensations. (EchO) and Devoid of Illusion is this. 6 people transled in notes and rhytms. We hope that our art will be catched by the people in the right way.

Do you plan make video for some songs from the album?
We have in out schedule to make a videoclip but we still have to work on it. Just a few brain-strorming was made about now.

Is it any chance to see your show in Poland ? When do you planning tour in the near future? 
We are already working about planning a tour and in our shedule there were one or two gigs in Poland. Everything still has to be confirmed by the way, stay tuned on our facebook page to see what’s going on in that sense. And if you know some booking agencies of people organizing shows or festivals in Poland feel free of giving them our name 🙂
echodoom.info@gmail.com is the e-mail adress to write to book us.

What is the worst/funniest thing which happened to you on stage?
I remember in a gig back in 2008, we where opening for Forgotten Tomb i think. We had this fog-machine really old and crappy, probably never used for years, but we didn’t pay for it so it seemed amazing. On the first song our bass player turned it on but the smoke didn’t stop to come out after i turned it off. I think I screamed something to him like „Man, turn that crap off!!!” and he answered me back „I DID!!!”. Anyway the smoke filled all the club and it was ridiculously thick…I couldn’t even see my pedals on the floor ahahah.

What distinguishes (EchO) from other bands playing in similar style to your?
Well, at the end I think we can see (EchO) with a death/doom metal act with big post-rock influences. In doom metal (and in metal in general) I see that many bands usually point the stress a lot on the tipical clichets of the genere, maybe that is a good mood to take I’m not saying it’s wrong of course, but we never watched the „fashion”, expecially when we talk about music. Surely we go on our way, wathever it takes, and surely we have our own personality as a band, this maybe can sound a little arrogant, but i swear we’re not. Hope people will understand it and enjoy our music, which is the most important thing for us.

Do you have any other projects outside the band?
Yes, me and Paolo are also members of a hardcore/metalcore band called UNsafe, and Paolo also has a solo Dark-Ambient project named Lost Kadath, While Antonoio and Agostino have a Blues-Tronica project called Something About Tenzadrina. I’m also working on an acoustic project and Mauro on an instrumental post-rock project but both of them are still in an ebryonic state.

Have you ever been in Poland? Do you know some bands from Poland? Or maybe You know any polish words?
I personally never came to Poland and i think that nobody in (EchO) has never visited you country. Some friends of our already played there and they all had enthusiastic words about you country so we can’t wait to see if with our eyes :). Yeah we know different bands from Poland such as Behemoth, Vader, Blindead, Azarath, Dead Infection, Kataxu, Antigama, all amazing bands in what they do!!!
About speaking polish…I have a polish friend that teached me some phrases like:
Czesć, nazywam się Szymon, jak się nazywasz?
And Dwa piwa proszę!

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