Delacroix (Project Silence)

Project Silence has recorded album. Can you say something about 424?
What we can expect from this album?
It is aggressive electro oriented album, with lots of machines,
symphonic elements and even power metal influenced parts.

Your whole album can hear on youtube, why did you decide to publish your
music for free? It’s part of the promotions, as did once the band Mortiis, or rather do you think, people nowadays don’t buy records?
We wanted to give it free because, we wanted give those people new
music who waited so long time to get it.
Also we wanted to promote our new music this way and get people to
hear what we do now. I do think that people still buy their music, if
they really like it and because of this we might do physical copy of
the 424 eventually.

The band Project Silence was formed in 2008, but just now we have your
debut album, why we had to wait for so many years on 424?
We were having lots of problems in the past. We started our recordings
in 2009, but recordings just delayed and delayed. Band’s desire to
release new music was really high, but there was obstacles which we
could not influence.

I remember, that at the very beginning Project Silence was only
one-person, why you decided to enlarge this project?
I wanted to add guitars, bass and drums and get some organic sounds.
Even though we make industrial, I wanted to explore music styles and
experiment with them.

Album is recorded, so what of the concerts? Are you planning any gigs?
Yeah, we are booking some shows for this year.

What bands are the inspire for you? I don’t listen too much industrial music, but when I listening to your cd, at the thought come to me two bands called: The Kovenant and Mortiis, it’s ok?
I listen to so much music, so it is hard for me to say exactly where I
got my inspiration, it can be from power metal to ebm to classic rock
and almost anything between. The Kovenant and Mortiis can be
characterized very close to that, what we do.

Who was responsible for the lyrics on the album, and who for the music?
I composed songs and did the lyrics and arrangement was done by Project Silence.

Do you have any other projects outside of Project Silence?
No, I focus on this, since it is my „brainchild”.

This is the Polish website, so I’ve to ask you, do you know any Polish bands?
I know some like Lost Soul and Archeon. There are some really nice
metal band there.

At the end,  do you want to tell something to your fans?
Thank you for your support and help over the years and please continue
to share our music with your friends, so that it reaches every single
potential listener. Thank you once again!