David Vincent

1. Are people compare you to other death metal bands? Or your vocal to another vocalist?
Morbid Angel is quite different than other bands in almost every way. We always have been different and we intend to keep it that way.

2. Are you interested to release some DVD? Maybe in 3D? Would be great.
There are no plans to do so but anything is possible in the future.

3. What about your career as an actor? Do you wanna do more in acting?
Film is a medium that has always interested me. As with music I will do what is best suited for me.

4. Do you prefer be better vocalist and bassist? How you feel on the stage when you must play and sing?
I enjoy what I do. It is natural for me.

5. What fills your time every day? What is the most important thing, that you do as a musician?
Creativity is the most important thing in life for me. It is my drug of choice.

6. Your second band – Terrorizer – had a long break. What’s going on with this band currently?
 I only recorded with Terrrorizer, nothing more.

7. You said once, that you’ve missed Morbid Angel. Guys from the band are like good friends, family? Are you addicted to play with them?
Yes it is a bit like family. Our songs are our children.

8. What are the plans for the Morbid Angel this year? Will be the new material? New tour dates?
We are doing a ‚Covenant Tour’ in the US, will play COVENANT record in its entirety.

9. Lately in Poland you played with Kreator in 2012. How do you remember these concerts?
Yes the tour with Kreator, Nile and Fueled By Fire was a great experience for the bands and the fans. I hope all tours could be this good.

10. I hope see you again in Poland! Thank you for your time. Last word is yours, please, say a few words to polish fans.
Poland is a great country!! I have many friends there and I always look forward to playing there any chance I have. Thank you to the fans for your love and respect, the feeling is mutual!!